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Instructional Program Titles on Demand

Password protected video:

Some of the programs listed below are available to North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota schools through a subscription service made possible by NCCST. If you belong to one of these schools and are unable to access a program, please email us requesting the password at education@prairiepublic.org. Remember to include your name, phone number, and school address.

Topic Program Grade Levels Password Protected
Biology and Life Science Biology Classics: Paramecium, Hydra, Planaria, and Daphnia 7-12 YES
Financial literacy Biz Kid$ 5-8
Biology and Life Science: the microscopic world Branches of the Tree of Life 7-12 YES
Careers in science, technology, engineering, and math Career Day 4-8
History: Colonial America Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips (curriculum materials available for a small fee) 3-8
Professional Development DOE: Education News
Biology and Life Science: classification, evolution Domains of Life 9-12 YES
Numerous topics involving trips to museums, national parks and historic sites. Electronic Field Trips 3-12
Biology and Life Science: classification, diversity, ecology Eye of the Cyclops 5-12 YES
History of aviation; scientific principles of flight Flight School 4-8
Music From the Top at Carnegie Hall 6-12
Biology and Life Science Inside the Living Cell 6-9 YES
Music, dance, theater, literature Kennedy Center Performing Arts Series 4-12
Numerous topics involving literacy, family values and life lessons. Lakota Berenstain Bears 8-12
Biology and Life Science: water-based ecosystems Life in Aquatic Environments 8-12 YES
Literacy: reading, writing, literature Meet the Author 3-8
History: Colonial America Mount Vernon Partnership 3-12
Mathematics, science, technology NASA Connect 6-8
Research and technology NASA Destination Tomorrow: Bringing the Future into Focus 7-12
Mathematics, science, technology NASA Science Files 3-5
Social Studies, Science National Park Foundation Electronic Fieldtrips 4-8
local, community, global environmental issues; ecology, activisim Natural Heroes 5-12
Professional Development: language arts and  literature Reading Rockets
Language arts and literature Scholastic Caldecott/Newbery Literature Series K-5 YES
Social studies, language arts, science, health, civics and character, environment Slim Goodbody’s Daily Almanac K-5 YES
Current events, careers, vocabulary building Teen Kids News 5-10 YES
Biology and Life Science Visualizing Cell Processes 9-12 YES

In addition to the titles listed above, the entire collection of Annenberg Learner classroom and professional development digital videos can be streamed.
Many streamed video titles, including ALL Annenberg Learner titles, are also available through our lending library.
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