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School Counseling Lesson Plans

School Counselors help students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and career development. PBS provides an abundance of resources pertaining to the healthy development of all children. Prairie Public gathers the best of these resources to help school counselors fulfill their mission to ensure student success. Click here for a pdf version of this chart.







Arthur Social Emotional Development ActivitiesArthur Diversity Appreciation Activities

Arthur Health and Science Activities

Sesame Street Healthy Lifestyle Resources

Defining and Discussing Death

Sesame Street Feelings

Berenstain Bears Lesson Plans

George Shrinks Lesson Plans

Empathy and Art

Building a Bully Free Community Classroom

Bully Lesson

“My Teacher hates me” Lesson Plan

Sesame Street Grief and Military Deployment toolkits

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Healthy Eating Lessons

The Medicated Child – Resource for Parents

Conflict Resolution

“It’s My Life” – Emotions Activities

“It’s My Life” – Body Image

“It’s My Life” – School Issues

“It’s My Life” – Family Issues

“It’s My Life” – Friend Issues

“The News” Lesson Plans on cyber bullying, drug addiction, and gangs

The Dangers of Drug Abuse Lesson Plan

Smoking Prevention Lesson

“Be an Ally” Bully Program: Lessons, Brochures, Video, and Skits

“Dying to Be Thin” Lesson PlanHearing Between the Lines – Self Esteem Lesson Plan

Grief Lesson Plan

Eating Disorder Lesson Plan

Multicultural Lesson Plans

Divorce and Step Families Lesson Plan

Dating Violence Lesson Plan

Managing Anger Lesson Plan

“In The Mix” reality show for teens with resources for educators

Suicide Prevention Lesson Plan

Depression Lesson Plan

Drug Abuse Lesson Plan

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Lesson on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetus Development

If you have any other questions about lesson plans for school counseling contact the education department at education@prairiepublic.org or (701) 239-7575