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History, Culture and the Arts 2010 Lesson Plans

History, Culture and the Arts 2010 Lesson Plans

Most of these lesson plans can easily be adapted for other grade levels.
Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title
Science PreK – 3 Flower Power
Health, Social Skills PreK – 3 Anger Looks Like
Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts, Art. PreK – 3 Apples, Apples Everywhere
Science, Language Arts, Math, Art PreK – 3 Beautiful Butterflies
Science, Math, Reading, Writing PreK – 3 Fly Butterfly, Fly
Social Studies, Reading, Language, Art PreK – 3 What’s the Big Deal about Washington?
Health, Science, Math, Multi-Cultural Awareness, Technology, Music, Art PreK – 3 “Gotta” Have It! Eating Healthy Foods
Music PreK – 3 High and Low Sounds
Visual Arts, Art History, Geography, Math PreK – 3 Is It a Mess or Something More? A Look at Jackson Pollock
Math, Writing, Reading, Science PreK – 3 Leaves, Don’t “Leave” Them Alone!
PowerPoint Presentation – Leaves Lesson
Math, Writing, Art, Science PreK – 3 Let’s Dig Up Some Soil!
Art, Science, Math, Art History PreK – 3 Lines, Shapes and Colors: Don’t Make Art Without Them!
English, Language Arts, Social Studies PreK – 3 One Wolf, Two Wolves, Good Wolf, Bad Wolf
Reading PreK – 3 Passport Reading – A Preschool Family Reading Program
Science, Math PreK – 3 Weather Works
Math, Reading, Writing PreK – 3 What’s Your Angle?
Social Studies, North Dakota Studies, Language Arts PreK – 3 School Then and Now
Visual Arts, North Dakota Studies Grades 4 – 8 Little Herd on the Prairie
Language Arts, Library Media/Technology Grades 4 – 8 I Spy with My Little Eye
Social Studies – Ancient History Grades 4 – 8 Back to the Past
Art – Photography Grades 4 – 8 The Place We Call Home
PowerPoint Presentation – The Place We Call Home
Field Trip Worksheet – The Place We Call Home
Social Studies, United States History, Science, Language Arts Grades 4 – 8 Farming is a Bonanza
Column Worksheet – Farming is a Bonanza
Venn Diagram – Farming is a Bonanza
Visual Arts – Color Theory Grades 4 – 8 It’s a Colorful World!
History – North Dakota, Traditional Arts, Reading, Language Arts Grades 4 – 8 Homesteading in North Dakota
Language Arts, Social Studies, Art Grades 4 – 8 I Love Me – I Love Me Not
History – United States, North Dakota Grades 4 – 8 Networking Our Land – The Railroad
Language Arts, Social Studies, Science Grades 4 – 8 The Road to Writing Perfect Paragraphs: Follow The Old Red Trail
Paragraph Organizer Handout
PowerPoint – Reason, Detail or Fact
Language Arts Grades 4 – 8 Say What You Need to Say
Science, Social Studies, Math, Art Grades 4 – 8 Wondrous Wheat
PowerPoint – Wondrous Wheat
Handout – Roots, Shoots, Leaves & Flowers
Science, Math, Social Studies, Art Grades 4 – 8 Tradition . . . TRADITION !!
PowerPoint – Tradition . . . TRADITION !!
Social Studies (North Dakota), Reading, Writing Grades 4 – 8 Old McDonald’s ABC North Dakota Farm Trip
Visual Art, Literacy, Math, History, Social Studies Grades 4 – 8 Puppetry Theatre
History – United States, North Dakota, Government, Creative Writing Grades 9 – 12 Escape from Snow Prison
PowerPoint – Escape from Snow Prison
Article – Dakota Datebook
Language Arts, American Literature,      Native American Folklore & Oral Storytelling Grades 9 – 12 Once Upon a Native Myth
Story – Woman Who Fell from the Sky
Handout – Guide to Quality Story Telling
Handout – Story Summary
Handout – Oral Storytelling Evaluation
English, Language Arts Grades 9  – 12 Listen, Record, Remember – Family Oral History Project
Handout – Transcribing an Oral History
Handout – Interview Essay
Handout – Interview Essay Rubric
Handout – Memoir of Autobiographical Incident
Handout – Rubric for Memoir
Handout – Podcasting: Audio Only
World History, Geography, World Religions, U.S. Government Foreign Policy Grades 9 – 12 Israeli Palestinian Conflict: It’s Complicated
Visual Arts, Language Arts, History, Geography Grades 9-12 Wheels of Fortune
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