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Capstone Technology Certification Program

Online courses that provide challenging, in-depth learning experiences that boost student achievement. Courses are customizable for school or district professional development needs. A rich, flexible set of tools for instructional coaches and those they mentor. Coaches can search, label, save, and share appropriate professional development resources. Online professional development learning experience based on the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and culminating in the ISTE NETS•T certification of proficiency.


With more than 130 high-quality, graduate-level courses covering mathematics, reading/language arts, science, instructional technology, and instructional strategies, and led by specially-trained, experienced facilitators, PBS TeacherLine is the premier online resource offering professional development courses to individual teachers, schools and entire districts.

Course Catalog

Graduate Credit Options

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ND Title I credential renewal courses

Courses are

  • Affordable. LOCAL courses are currently subsidized at $150 for a 2 credit course. LOCAL graduate credit is only $100 for 2 credits through NDSU. [Total cost with graduate credit: $250.00]
  • Collaborative. Online discussions allow teachers to share content, ideas, and instructional strategies across the state or across the country. Trained facilitators guide discussions, encourage participation, and provide ongoing feedback.
  • Convenient.These six-week courses can be taken anytime, anywhere with Internet access. No face-to-face meetings required and no textbooks or software to purchase — everything’s online!
  • Customizable. Courses are intended to encourage each teacher to structure his or her learning experience. Schools and districts can contract for customized local courses to meet specific staff development needs.
  • High Quality. PBS TeacherLine courses are standards-based courses, researched and written by experts in the field, and approved by the Department of Education.

PBS TeacherLine has been recognized for its excellence by organizations such as the United States Distance Learning Association, National Educational Association, and the Software and Information Industry Association.

Local vs. National Courses

Courses are offered “locally” to North Dakota and Minnesota educators through Prairie Public, and “nationally” through PBS. The course content is the same for both providers; however, courses offered by Prairie Public feature a regional facilitator and allow for a more regional emphasis.

You can pay for local and national courses online through the PBS TeacherLine website. If your district is paying for the course or you prefer to pay with a check, please contact Prairie Public Education Services.

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