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Prairie Public Broadcasting is a trusted public service dedicated to building an exciting and productive future for the prairie and its people. Prairie Public Broadcasting offers a window on the world through national and regional television and radio programming; creates a forum for the most important issues facing our region with locally produced, topical programming; partners with others to foster education for all ages; and utilizes digital technology and Web services to expand those valued services. Beginning with a single television transmitter in Fargo, Prairie Public Broadcasting has grown to become the premier broadcaster of public television and radio services throughout the prairie region. Prairie Public is a EEO/Affirmative Action Employer.

Meetings of the Prairie Public board of directors, its board committees and advisory committees are open to the general public except when permitted or required by law to be closed. Visit this page to learn the dates, times and places of these meetings. To confirm meeting dates and times or for further information, contact us via email or call us during business hours, weekdays 8am-5pm, at 800-359-6900.

Prairie Public Local Content and Service Report 2015

Open Meeting Policy and Announcements

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Click here to view Form 990 for the year ending September 30, 2013
Click here to view Form 990 for the year ending September 30, 2014
Click here to view Form 990 for the year ending September 30, 2015

Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2014
Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2015
Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2016

Radio Council Meeting Minutes
Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
Prairie Public’s Annual Financial Reports to the Corporation of the Public Broadcasting (CPB)

Prairie Public Digital Over-the-Air Television Channels

Watch quality public broadcasting on your favorite Prairie Public over-the-air channels. The following is a list of the channels available to you and your family across the prairie region. Households with television sets that use a rooftop antenna and are either digital capable or have a digital converter box can access all the channels listed below. Cable subscribers may access all or some of the channels, depending on whether their cable provider carries the channels.

Fargo KFME-DT, transmitted on 13
13-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
13-2 World/Lifelong Learning
13-3 MN Channel
13-4 PBS Kids

Bismarck KBME-DT, transmitted on 22
3-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
3-2 World/Lifelong Learning
3-3 MN Channel
3-4 PBS Kids

Crookston/Grand Forks KCGE-DT, transmitted on 16
16-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
16-2 World/Lifelong Learning
16-3 MN Channel
16-4 PBS Kids

Grand Forks KGFE, transmitted on 15
2-1 Prairie Public standard definition programming
2-3 MN Channel

Minot KSRE-DT, transmitted on 40
6-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
6-2 World/Lifelong Learning
6-3 MN Channel
6-4 PBS Kids

Ellendale KJRE-DT, transmitted on 20
19-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
19-2 World/Lifelong Learning
19-3 MN Channel
19-4 PBS Kids

Dickinson KDSE-DT, transmitted on 9
9-1 Prairie Public High Definition programming
9-2 World/Lifelong Learning
9-3 MN Channel
9-4 PBS Kids

Williston KWSE-DT, transmitted on 11
4-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
4-2 World/Lifelong Learning
4-3 MN Channel
4-4 PBS Kids

Devils Lake, transmitted on 25
25-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
25-2 World/Lifelong Learning
25-3 MN Channel
25-4 PBS Kids

In Manitoba on cable channels

Prairie Public Radio Frequencies

The statewide radio network of Prairie Public is a news, music and information service in association with North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota.


  • KPPR-FM, Williston, 88.7, 10.5 kw
  • KPPW-FM, Williston, 89.5, 5 kw
  • KMPR-FM, Minot, 88.9, 50 kw
  • KDPR-FM, Dickinson, 89.9, 12.5 kw
  • KCND-FM, Bismarck, 90.5, 50 kw
  • KPRJ-FM, Jamestown, 91.5, 18.6 kw
  • KUND-FM, Grand Forks, 89.3, 38 kw
  • KDSU-FM, Fargo, 91.9, 100 kw
  • KFJM-FM, Grand Forks, 90.7, 3 kw
  • KPPD-FM, Devils Lake, 91.7


  • Beach, ND – K220FI, 91.9
  • Bowman, ND – K220FJ, 91.9
  • Crosby, ND – K220FF, 91.9
  • Hettinger, ND – K220G, 91.9
  • Tioga, ND – K220FH, 91.9
  • Plentywood, MT – K220FE, 91.9
  • Devils Lake, ND – K218AV, 91.7 FM
  • Thief River Falls, MN – K202BK, 88.3 FM

Prairie Public Broadcasting Annual Reports

Prairie Public Broadcasting’s annual reports disclose our financial picture, recognize donors and supporters, list our board members, and describe our award-winning television and radio programming.

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report


Prairie Public Broadcasting is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer

2016 EEO Public File Report

2015 EEO Public File Report

2014 EEO Public File Report

2013 EEO Public File Report

The Prairie Public Broadcasting Mission Statement

Prairie Public Broadcasting provides quality radio, television, and public media services that educate, involve, and inspire the people of the prairie region.

Prairie Public Broadcasting —Fargo Studio
207 North Fifth Street
Box 3240
Fargo, ND 58108-3240
Phone 701-241-6900
Fax 701-239-7650

Prairie Public Broadcasting —Bismarck Radio Studio
1814 North Fifteenth Street
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone 701-224-1700
Fax 701-224-0555

Prairie Public Broadcasting —Grand Forks Studio
314 Cambridge, 3rd Floor
Box 8117
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Phone 701-239-7615