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  • Patricide by Poison

    A century ago on this date, the Fargo Forum reported a sensational story out of Minot concerning an apparent case of patricide. Charles Moline had confessed to the murder of his father, Frank Moline, both of Pierce County. Mr. Moline’s death, less than a week earlier, was initially believed to be caused by heart failure, […]

  • Widows Go West

    Horace Greeley encouraged more than just young men to go west. “Young men! Poor men! Widows!” he said. “Resolve to have a home of your own! If you are able to buy and pay for one in the East, very well; if not, make one in the broad and fertile West!” In her book, “Land […]

  • Cut Head Sioux Reservation

    Ramsey County was organized on this date in 1883, with Devils Lake serving as the county seat. The first non-Indian residents were fur traders, who established themselves in the area as early as 1815. Capt. Duncan Graham from Scotland is believed to have been the first of these. He built a trading post named for […]

  • Towner County Organized

    Towner County, North Dakota, was organized on this date in 1884, with Cando as its county seat. The county was named for Oscar M. Towner of Larimore, North Dakota. Towner gained notoriety as president of the Elk Valley Farming Company and for founding the enormous Elk Valley bonanza farm just south of Larimore during Dakota […]

  • Asteroid North Dakota

    The Associated Press issued a release on this date last year announcing that Asteroid #114703 would henceforth become known as “Asteroid North Dakota.” Renaming the asteroid was proposed by UND graduate student Vishnu Reddy of India, and approved by the International Astronomical Union’s Committee on Small Body Nomenclature. Reddy discovered the two-mile long space rock […]

  • Carter Amnesty

    The Fargo Forum reported that President Jimmy Carter issued an amnesty to Vietnam War draft evaders on this date in 1977. The amnesty came a day earlier, as one of President Carter’s first acts in office. The move also fulfilled one of the President’s most popular campaign promises. The amnesty granted a complete pardon to […]

  • Canadian Rail Horror

    A horrendous railway accident occurred on this date in 1910 along the Spanish River in Ontario, Canada. Mike Nicola of Max, North Dakota, was a passenger on the Canadian Pacific train, traveling west from Sudbury on that day. Injured during the incident, he was fortunate to survive and tell the harrowing tale of the accident, […]

  • Bite Fight

    The Fargo Forum reported a curious incident out of Fessenden, North Dakota, on this date in 1899. One father’s jealous rage led to a nasty incident there between two men at the Fessenden Hotel. The two men, George Parker and Ned Roman, appeared to have been vying for the attention of Parker’s daughter, Sadie. Sadie, […]

  • James S. Green

    Senator James S. Green of Missouri passed away on this date in 1870. Senator Green is often credited, along with Representative Galusha Grow of Pennsylvania, with the organization of Dakota as a federal territory in 1861. As chairman of the Committee on Territories in the Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses, Green was responsible for both initiating […]

  • Minot Derailment

    A fatal train derailment occurred eight years ago today on the western outskirts of Minot. The wreck occurred shortly before 2 a.m., when thirty-one Canadian Pacific cars hit a gap where two rails had separated from one another. Fifteen of the cars were each carrying 30,000 gallons of poisonous anhydrous ammonia; seven cars completely ruptured. […]

  • County Seat Wars

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  • Air National Guard

    The North Dakota Air National Guard officially became a National Guard unit on this date in 1947 at Hector Air Field in Fargo. Better known today as the Happy Hooligans, the newly formed reserve unit was made up primarily from members of the deactivated 367th Fighter Group, which had served during World War II. After […]

  • Holdup

    A burglary that took place in Fargo on this date in 1966 was wrapped up in thirty minutes flat. That’s how long it took Fargo-Moorhead officers to open and close the case, arresting six individuals and recovering over twelve hundred dollars in only twenty-three minutes. Three men entered the Southside Red Owl store in Fargo […]

  • Carrington Meteor

    A meteor nearly five and a half feet in diameter struck the earth near Carrington, North Dakota, on this date in 1910. Making its entry during the early morning hours, the meteor traveled with “tremendous force and speed.” Many residents in the vicinity were awake to witness the magnificent display, and news quickly spread throughout […]

  • Elizabeth “Jane” Sinner

    Elizabeth Jane Baute was born on this date in 1931 in Lebanon, Kentucky. She is better known to most North Dakotans, however, as Jane Sinner, wife of North Dakota Governor George Sinner. Elizabeth Baute grew up and attended high school in Kentucky. In 1948, at the age of seventeen, she left home to attend St. […]

  • Ghost Dance Surrender

    The unofficial surrender of the Dakota Sioux Ghost Dance participants to the U.S. military occurred on this date in 1891. Although the official surrender would not occur until January 16, the majority of the more than 4,000 Native Americans had moved to the Lakota Agency and “expressed their desire for peace” on January 12. The […]

  • Used Car Contest

    A Moorhead man was in rough shape on this date in 1977 after spending a frigid night in an unheated 1968 Chevrolet. The experience was all part of a sales gimmick put on by Offutt Chevrolet of Moorhead. Robert Adler, a rural painter from Fargo-Moorhead, volunteered in response to the car dealership’s announcement that any […]

  • First Buttermaker

    Hailed as “North Dakota’s First Buttermaker,” John Robins passed away in early January of 1911. His funeral was held at his home in Watertown, South Dakota, on this date. Robins came to the state in 1897 from Wisconsin. With a background in dairy farming, he settled in Havana, North Dakota, and took charge of the […]

  • Smoking Age

    Most people have tried smoking, if even just once-perhaps as a child, sneaking a cigarette from their parents. And when those parents found out-well, it wasn’t pretty. But smoking at just about any age has gone on for centuries. Often glamorized as elegant, a mark of maturity, cigarettes could be especially of interest to children. […]

  • Cities Swindler

    A North Dakota man fell pray to a Minneapolis con man on this date in 1910. The man, Paul Lidden of Belfield, North Dakota, had just arrived on his first visit to the cities when the incident occurred. Lidden traveled by train to Minneapolis to visit the metropolis and sightsee. He was hoping for a […]