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  • ND Bomshell Jane Russell

    North Dakota’s historically small population has nonetheless, been the home of many nationally known entertainers and performers.  When 87-year-old Hollywood actress Jane Russell died on this date in 2011, many citizens were unaware of her North Dakota roots. Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell was born in Bemidji, Minnesota in 1921 to native North Dakotans, Gustav and [...]

  • Bachelors Grove

    Today is Leap Year day, that extra calendar date that only comes around once every four years. This date has a long history with many traditions, one of which is that women were allowed to propose to men. This was a flip of conventional roles, though it’s far more common at any time of year [...]

  • Gunmen Shoot up US Congress

    Human blood spilled in the US Capitol when shouting and gunfire interrupted the proceedings of the US House of Representatives on this date in 1954. House members had just decided to debate a bill to allow the U.S. to recruit Mexican farm workers. Suddenly, from the upper visitors’ gallery, a group of four Puerto Rican [...]

  • Dakota Territory Named

    A cartographer certainly had his work cut out for him when it came to the early days of mapping Dakota Territory. So, hang on, this is somewhat complicated. Most of us know that in 1889, Dakota Territory was split in half to create the States of North and South Dakota. Therefore, when most of us [...]

  • Martin N. Johnson

    Martin Nelson Johnson was born in Wisconsin on this date in 1850. He grew up in Iowa and earned a law degree. He taught for two years at the California Military Academy before returning to Iowa to practice law. While living in Decorah, Johnson served in the Iowa House of Representatives and in the Iowa [...]

  • Henry C. Hansbrough

    Henry Hansbrough began the first of his three Senate terms on this date in 1891. His parent named him after Henry Clay, who attended their wedding and suggested they name their first son for him. He was raised and educated in Illinois, but moved to California in 1867 to learn the printing trade. In 1881, [...]

  • Fistfights and Fury in the Capitol Rotunda

    A wild series of events in the North Dakota Senate ended in thrown punches and sensational newspaper headlines on this date in 1921. In all caps, The Fargo Forum reported “SENATE SESSION COMES TO END AMID BRAWLS, FIST FIGHTS AND SCENES OF WILDEST DISORDER.” And that was only the sub-headline! Across the banner the paper [...]

  • Journey of a Young Immigrant

    In the early 1900s, America was the land of dreams for the people from Eastern Europe who were seeking refuge from increasing political tension and deteriorating economic conditions. Among the millions who sought a new beginning were thousands of landless German-Hungarians. Having heard of the promise of rich land in America, they packed up their [...]

  • North Dakota’s Ann Sothern: Star!

    On this date in 1954, March 7 was a Sunday. And, for many North Dakotans and other Americans with television sets, Sunday night at 7:30 meant watching “Private Secretary,” starring North Dakota’s Ann Sothern in the title role.   Mostly forgotten today, Sothern’s role as Susie McNamara was as groundbreaking for its time as That [...]

  • Enlisted Boys

    When the US entered into the First World War on April 6, 1917, many citizens back home did everything they could to help. As men enlisted and were drafted, their friends and family bought and sold war bonds, held drives, tried to get by on less. They waited to receive news from their soldiers, who [...]

  • ND Winter Show

    People from across the state and region are gathering in Valley City today as they have been for the past 75 years. The enticement is the state’s oldest and longest running agricultural exposition: The North Dakota Winter Show. In 1938, when the first Winter Show was set for March 8th through 11th, the dates for [...]

  • This is Your Life

    A Jamestown man was reunited with the most decorated soldier in the United States Army on this date in 1949. Mechanic and former Lieutenant Walter Weispfenning was flown from Jamestown to Hollywood to surprise Audie Murphy on the weekly taping of NBC’s This is Your Life. The radio broadcast, hosted by Ralph Edwards, surprised a [...]

  • Ceres Firefighters

    Several female students of the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo turned into reluctant firefighters on this date in 1924. The girls, residents of Ceres Hall, had been up late studying when they noticed smoke in the hallway. They woke the House President and tracked up and down the halls looking for the source of [...]

  • Of War and Agriculture

    Despite being in the middle of World War II, visitors to the North Dakota Winter Show in Valley City were enjoying the last hours of the sixth annual agricultural get-together on this date in 1943. The final slate of events culminated in the popular livestock show. Top awards were bestowed on the finest Herefords, Shorthorns [...]

  • Campus Protests

    There’s no doubt that many stood against “the man,” whatever form he took, in the sixties. These stands led many to protest, and campus revolts made headlines across the United States.   On this date in 1969, Governor William Guy signed a bill into law that was supposed to help maintain law and order on [...]

  • Candy Cigarettes

    “Light me up!” On this date in 1953 no longer could kids in North Dakota expect to buy a pack of cigarettes—candy cigarettes that is.   Senate Bill 153 , prohibiting the sale of any candy or confectionary which was designed to imitate packages of cigarettes or other tobacco items, was signed into law. The [...]

  • Recall

    We are currently at high tide for political news in the United States during this presidential campaign season. But successful campaigns – and eventual election wins – can’t guarantee the completion of a winner’s full office term.   For example, elected representatives In North Dakota can be recalled. That right came about on this date [...]

  • Patrick D. Norton

    Congressman Patrick Norton was born on this date in 1876 in Michigan. His family soon moved to Ramsey County in Dakota Territory where he attended country schools. He majored in law at UND and graduated in 1897. Afterward, he returned to Michigan, where he worked as a School Principal. In 1903 he passed the bar [...]

  • Edward Jollie

    Edward Jollie was born on this date in 1907 in Belcourt, North Dakota. The youngest child, he earned the nickname Chick. He would grow to become a great leader among the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa. After grade school in Belcourt, Chick attended the Wahpeton Indian School for two years. At the time, the school [...]

  • A Socialist Mayor in Rugby

    On this date in 1912, a century ago, the citizens of Rugby elected a new mayor, Erick S. Dale (1868-1945). His name was not unusual, but his political affiliation was a bit startling, for Erick S. Dale was a Socialist. The Socialist Party in North Dakota had its heyday from 1900 until it was superseded [...]