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  • Damn Water

    The Izaak Walton League was formed in 1922 by sportsmen who wanted to save the outdoors for future generations. Today, there is only one chapter in North Dakota, in St. John. In the past, however, the organization had more presence here. On this date in 1932, the league was involved in a special week set […]

  • Moralizing Marionettes

    Today is the last day of our week at the museum. We have brought you the stories of a buffalo-hide tipi, a Mrs. North Dakota pageant dress, a slot machine and a string bass. Our final story is about a theater troupe of marionettes. Dangling from their strings, their arms and legs at rest, they […]

  • The String Bass

    Welcome, as we continue our week at the museum! Along the museum storage shelves are some dangerous artifacts, including pistols, rifles and medicine laced with mercury. Today’s object, however, is hardly dangerous. Sitting on its side is a string bass. The large instrument has long cracks running along the wood, banged up edges and old […]

  • One Armed Bandit

    Welcome to day four of our week at the museum! Touring the shelves of the museum’s storage area, one can find old radios, computers and even a microwave purchased as a Christmas gift for $581.36 in 1979. One piece of older technology in the collection is a slot machine. The first such machine was invented […]

  • Mrs. North Dakota

    Welcome, as we continue our week at the museum! Perusing the museum’s storage you can find a map of North Dakota’s counties done up in stamps by a school group or a portrait painted by John Singer Sargent. The owner of that piece was so cheap he smuggled it through customs so he didn’t have […]

  • Buffalo Hide Tipi

    Welcome to a week at the museum! This week we are bringing you the stories behind some of the objects at the Heritage Center. Among pioneer artifacts of washboards and spinning wheels, there are objects from some of North Dakota’s earlier residents, including a buffalo-hide tepi. While some think that all Native Americans lived in […]

  • Week at the Museum

    On this date in 1981, workers for the State Historical Society were packing up objects for the grand move to the new building. Until then, all of the society’s artifacts had been stored and displayed in the neighboring Liberty Memorial Building. Today the Historical Society is looking forward to an expansion that will exhibit, and […]

  • Wooden Leg

    On this date in 1907, the Northern Pacific railroad held an auction in Fargo to get rid of some unclaimed baggage that had accumulated over the last two years. The boxes and parcels were sold unopened, so there was a touch of mystery to the proceedings. Many fine discoveries were made, such as a box […]

  • Fort Berthold Indian Fair

    The first Fort Berthold Indian Fair began on this date in 1911, held in a large open field near the Elbowoods Agency. Indian fairs, or industrial fairs as many Indian agents referred to them, served a variety of purposes. To Native Americans, the fairs were a social occasion at which cultural demonstrations, stories, and crafts […]

  • B-52 Incident, 1980

    North Dakota has been the home of two Air Force bases since the 1950s, and both Minot and Grand Forks have benefitted economically. However, both cities have faced risks from the very presence of the nuclear weapons carried on B-52 bombers. The risk was usually minimized by the careful work of the airmen who serviced […]

  • Minot gets a street light

    So many modern conveniences have become so commonplace that we take them for granted, often not realizing the great benefits derived from new gadgets and technologies. One of the foundations of traffic safety, “stop-and-go” lights, provides better flows of cars and trucks on the streets of North Dakota cities and towns. This day in history […]

  • Dr. Johnson and the Soldiers Home

    Dr. J. H. Johnson, the first surgeon of the North Dakota Soldiers’ Home, passed away on this date in 1910. As surgeon of the home, Johnson also served on the Board of Admissions. His role at the home was instrumental during its early years. Although Johnson suffered from a stroke in February of 1910 that […]

  • State Highway Commission

    T. G. Plomasen was appointed state highway commissioner on this date in 1934. Although the full-time position had only existed for eighteen months, Plomasen was the state’s third commissioner. During the 1930s, North Dakota had six different governors within six years, and seven highway commissioners. These turbulent times resulted in a variety of policy changes […]

  • Ted Weems

    On this date in 1946, the orchestra of Ted Weems played in the Jamestown armory. Weems was a nationally recognized bandleader who had risen to prominence during the 1930s. He also wrote music, and though some of his more popular songs, such as “Jig Time” and “The One Man Band,” may or may not be […]

  • 9/11 and North Dakota’s F-16

    What started out as an ordinary day on the morning of September 11, 2001 quickly became anything but for Brad Derrig and two other F-16 pilots of North Dakota’s 119th Fighter Wing. Shortly after the attack on the Twin Towers, the three North Dakota fighter jets were scrambled from their unit’s alert detachment at Langley […]

  • United Tribes International Powwow

      The 40th Annual United Tribes International Powwow began on this date a year ago. Begun in 1969, the International Powwow draws thousands from across the country and Canada to the United Tribes Technical College campus in Bismarck each year in a display of Native American culture and craftsmanship. In 2009, the Powwow hosted over […]

  • USS North Dakota Fire

    A deadly fire aboard the USS North Dakota made national headlines on this date a century ago. The fire occurred on September 8th, as the ship returned to port in Virginia from fleet exercises. A heavy dreadnought, the North Dakota ran on fuel oil, which was highly combustible. The ship was sailing in formation when […]

  • History, Culture and the Arts 2010 Lesson Plans

    History, Culture and the Arts 2010 Lesson Plans Most of these lesson plans can easily be adapted for other grade levels. Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title Science PreK – 3 Flower Power Health, Social Skills PreK – 3 Anger Looks Like Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts, Art. PreK – 3 Apples, Apples Everywhere Science, Language […]

  • Viking Football Fans in North Dakota

    For better or for worse, a multitude of North Dakotans are faithful fans of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. In 2003, a Sports Illustrated poll revealed that forty-three percent of North Dakotans regard the Minnesota Vikings as their favorite NFL team. If we do the math, then about 275,000 of 636,677 North Dakotans are Vikings fans. […]

  • William N. Roach

    William Nathaniel Roach, early North Dakota politician, passed away on this date in 1902. Although his later career was tainted by political scandal, Roach served in political office for sixteen years, until his retirement in 1899. Roach was born on September 25, 1840 in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. There, he attended Gonzaga College […]