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  • The Duke Ellington Recordings

    On one unseasonably warm November evening on this date in 1940, two audio buffs, Jack Towers and Dick Burris were busy unpacking their recording equipment at Fargo’s Crystal Ballroom. Playing that night was Duke Ellington’s band. The two young men thought it would be fun to record the famous jazz musician “just for kicks.” They […]

  • Still

    Innovation has always been important in the success of any business, but this was particularly true in the moonshine business of the 1920’s in North Dakota. Federal and State Prohibition officers scoured the countryside looking for any sign of stills and even sniffed the air for the telltale smell of fermenting mash. On this date […]

  • Dickinson Does

    In 1925, when it was decided that the American Legion would hold its state convention in Dickinson the following year, a contest for coming up with a snappy slogan for the city was begun. It was decided that the slogan that won the contest would then be used as advertising for the convention. “A short […]

  • Election Day

    Today is Election Day and no doubt it promises to be a historic one. No matter what the outcome, it will mark a first for America, whether it is Sen. Barack Obama elected as the first African-American to the White House, or Gov. Sarah Palin as the first woman. And, this election also promises to […]

  • To be an American

    In November of 1896, Marie Ketterling was born in a sod house, just south of Streeter, North Dakota. She was raised in a traditional household where girls were expected to do housework and boys were expected to farm. But Marie wanted more. She wanted to be an American. And she wanted an education. In her […]

  • Milwaukee Brewery Company

    In the years following the Civil War, business at Frederick Miller’s brewery in Wisconsin was booming. Looking to expand his operations and tap into western markets, Miller began construction of a brewery in Dakota Territory. Built on the banks of the Missouri River near Bismarck, the Milwaukee Brewery was completed in 1885. Among its customers […]

  • The 321st Strategic Missile Wing

    In support of a Cold War policy of nuclear deterrence, the Strategic Air Command organized the 321st Strategic Missile Wing at Grand Forks Air Force Base on this day in 1964. Three missile squadrons were activated and sent for training in Vandenberg, California while construction was underway on the Minuteman II missile complex in North […]

  • Arthur Peterson

    Flipping through the hundreds of channels available via our friendly cable or satellite provider, we often discover that there really isn’t anything new worth watching. News channels are depressing, reality TV shows are getting old, and professional wrestling is well, professional wrestling. And so, we perhaps look for a golden-oldie; a TV show from back […]

  • Halloween Party

    Tomorrow is Halloween; it’s the time of year for costumed bodies to prowl the neighborhoods, banging on doors in hopes of a treat, crying out, “Trick or treat!” Oh, yes, and we can’t forget the tricksters, on this holiday. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without it. Smashed pumpkins, toilet paper hanging from tree limbs and […]

  • Clint Severson

    We’ve all been there before; sitting in the hospital lab, facing down the stern nurse who’s wielding a straw-like needle, hoping against hope that our glares will persuade her to not jab us with her instrument of torture. We eventually relent and feel the cold alcohol rubbed onto our arm as we listen to the […]

  • Political Issues

    With the approach of our own election coming up in the next week, much attention is being spent on the last-minute testimonies, speeches, and every move of the candidates, and in 1908, this was no exception. On this day, a week away from the Nov. 3 election, talk was especially strong, and in Minot, The […]

  • Indian Legend

    There once was a legend of a young Chippewa boy, the son of a prominent chief, who was captured by the Sioux. Rather than ransom him, the Sioux would place the young lad at the front of a raid on Chippewa bands and rather than risk killing their chief’s son, the Chippewa warriors would withdraw. […]

  • World Tour

    In 1925, young Dominick Bohn made it his goal to “see the world.” He was a youth of 16, hailing from Verendrye. But youth, he thought, was no excuse for lack of experience. So Dominick tried to make it happen. He got a ticket to Chicago, and with only a few dimes left to his […]

  • NPL 50th Anniversary

    On this date in 1965, the halls of the Patterson Hotel were once again filled with members of the Nonpartisan League. Representatives were arriving for the Midwest Democratic Conference hosted by Governor William Guy, with Vice President Hubert Humphrey as guest speaker. But the occasion was also being used to honor the 50th Anniversary of […]

  • Belle Mehus

    A city is ever-changing and ever-growing. Businesses move around and eventually, one place becomes another, until soon, the city’s face is transformed from what it has been a decade, a year or even just a month ago. In Bismarck, there is a spot along Eighth Street and Rosser that housed many different activities. It was […]

  • Vietnam Casualty

    Grand Forks was like any other Midwestern city in 1965. It was a thriving, bustling community, rapidly expanding south along the river and the economy was good. The Grand Forks Air Base had been established in the late 1950’s and sorties of B52’s flew from the newly established Strategic Air Command which, only two years […]

  • Meet the Radio Staff

    Director of Radio Bill Thomas came to North Dakota after working in Lincoln at Nebraska’s Public Radio Network. He’s worked in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; and St. Louis. He started small community stations, managed national program distribution, has been a program director, a station manager and a network manager. In his spare time […]

  • Debate of the Dance

    If you’ve ever been to a dance, you know that many people feel better about taking part after they’ve had a little something—be it beer, wine or something else—to drink. In 1935, however, that sentiment did not go over well with some, and so some of the people of Minot began to consider whether or […]

  • Garrison Diversion

    For North Dakota there were a lot of dreams depending upon the Missouri River Diversion. As far back as 1890 there was talk of diverting water from the Mouse River or the Missouri River into Devils Lake to raise the level of the lake for the purpose of allowing for the steamboats on the lake […]

  • National Interstate and Defense Highway

    In the summer of 1919 the US Army sent across the vast American continent a motorized convoy to test the Army’s ability to mobilize forces in case of an attack on American soil. The convoy consisted of 282 Army personnel and 81 motorized vehicles including cargo trucks, observation cars, motorcycles, kitchen trailers and a caterpillar […]