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    Prairie Public has formed a partnership with North Dakota United, the ND Department of Public Instruction, and education innovator Ted Dintersmith to facilitate inspiring and thoughtful conversations with public education system stakeholders. New episodes each Tuesday!

  • Deb Nelson: Bakken Outlook ~ Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking

    Tuesday, January 9 – Vision West ND, a consortium of the energy producing counties in western North Dakota recently commissioned an updated study to help them plan for future employment, population, and housing needs. Here to discuss this updated outlook is Deb Nelson of DLN Consulting, a Dickinson firm serving as administrator for the Vision West […]

  • Clay Jenkinson ~ Glyphosate Weed Killer ~ Snowmobile Race ~ Books to Read in 2018

    Monday, January 8 – “Into the Amazon” is a new television documentary from American Experience. It’s the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing expedition down a tributary of the Amazon River. It debuts tomorrow night on PBS at 8 central. Clay Jenkinson is one of the scholars interviewed, and he joins us to discuss his involvement […]

  • Sustainable Food Systems ~ St. John’s Bible Exhibit Extended ~ News Discussion ~ Movie Reviews

    Friday, January 5 – Cass Clay Food Partners and Ugly Food of the North are two organizations working to create healthy, sustainable food systems. They launched a speaker’s series this morning.We hear from three members of the group Growing Together, A Community Garden Ministry.~~~ We share an excerpt from this week’s Prairie Pulse television show as guest host Barb Gravel […]

  • Governor Doug Burgum on Education ~ Food Trends with Chef Rosey

    Thursday, January 4 – Earlier on Main Street we previewed the new Cutting Ed Podcast, a collaboration of North Dakota United, Prairie Public, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and philanthropist Ted Dintersmith. We’ll be airing portions of those conversations, and today we feature host Tom Gerhardt’s visit with Governor Doug Burgum. ~~~ The […]

  • Geoengineering and Climate Change ~ Mark Trahant Commentary ~ Blizzard Bluegrass ~ Winter Gardening

    Wednesday, January 3 – Could geoengineering mitigate the effects of climate change? It’s an approach inspired by volcanic eruptions that cause cooling by injecting sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. Joining us is Dr. Douglas MacMartin, a senior research associate at Cornell University. ~~~ UND journalism professor Mark Trahant commentary as congress faces new pressure to […]

  • “The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder” ~ Historian Tom Isern ~ Biologist Chuck Lura ~ Bruce Berg Commentary

    Tuesday, January 2 – Best Selling author Marta McDowell’s latest book is called “The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books.” McDowell looks takes a fresh look at Wilder by examining the author’s relationship with the land. She visits with Lori Walsh of South Dakota Public Radio’s “In […]

  • Our Year-End Editors’ Roundtable ~ Matt Reviews “3 Billboards”

    Friday, December 29 – Our year-end Editors’ Roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and special guests, Jack Zaleski, columnist for the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, and Mike Jacobs, the former editor and publisher, who still writes for the Grand Forks Herald. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Three Billboards,” starring Frances McDormand.

  • First European Child

    In 1806, 26-year-old John Fubbister signed on to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada. John was from the Orkney Islands of Scotland, and soon became known around Fort Albany as The Orkney Lad. Working as an agent, Fubbister paddled his canoe up-river to deliver supplies to remote fur trading outposts. He was small, […]

  • Bitcoin ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Chef Rosey on Food Trends

    Thursday December 28 – Bitcoin has been making a lot of news, with an astonishing leap in value, but just what the heck is a cyber currency? Are we all going to be using such global currencies in the future? Are there risks? Here to answer some of the questions, and to explain how he’s […]

  • From Three to Five Justices

    North Dakota’s Supreme Court has changed a fair amount from its early years. Since 1910, members of the bench have been elected on a no-party ballot. In 1930, term limits increased from six to ten years. In 1985, Beryl Levine became the first woman to serve on the court. One change took place in 1908 […]

  • A Look Back on 2017 Interviews: ND Prison Reform ~ Total Solar Eclipse ~ High-Flying Physics Lessons ~ Chef Amy Thielen

    Wednesday, December 27 – Today we’re looking back at a few of 2017’s memorable interview. We start with Leann Bertsch. She’s the director of North Dakota’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. She had an eye-opening visit to prisons in Norway and is now implementing some of the interesting strategies she observed. We re-air a conversation from July. […]

  • NewsRoom

    North Dakota counties are concerned about proposals pending to restructure how human services are delivered. Get the story from the Prairie Public NewsRoom.

  • No Cats Allowed

    Holiday festivities in Devils Lake in 1922 included many typical events … Christmas services at churches across the city, school Christmas pageants, a Boy Scouts band concert, and another free band concert scheduled for New Year’s Eve. A New Year’s Eve program at the Bethel Evangelical Free Church would offer coffee, jule cake and singing, […]

  • 2017 Music Highlights

    Tuesday, December 26 – It’s a look back on the music of 2017. We visit with our music aficionados Mike Olson and Scott Prebys. Mike hosts Into the Music and Scott hosts Prebys on Classics and Prebys on Jazz. ~~~ We also revisit on of our favorite music stories of the year, The Tremble Clefs Choir. It’s for people with conditions like Parkinson’s […]

  • Dale Kolrud

    In the Korean War, the U.S. spent 67 billion dollars and deployed 90% of the troops fighting for South Korea. It was a highly unpopular in North Dakota. For many of the soldiers deployed there, it had a different feeling than fighting in World War 2. There seemed to be no clear reason or cause […]

  • Christmas, 1917

    For the Red Cross, December of 1917 was an active season in North Dakota. With loved ones ever closer to the front, there was an urgency to ensure that the boys had the comforts of home as much as possible.  Red Cross knitting parties were held across the state.  In a three week campaign, over […]

  • St. John’s Bible ~ Native American Night Before Christmas ~ Holiday Memories ~ Star Wars

    Friday, December 22 – On this Friday before Christmas, we revisit a conversation from October with Tim Ternes, the project coordinator for The St. John’s Bible. Nearly 70 hand-calligraphed pages of the bible are on display at Moorhead’s Hjemkomst Center. The St. John’s Bible highlights women, celebrates racial diversity, math, science, and more. ~~~ Native American Night Before Christmas is a […]

  • The Black Leg Ranch and Jerry Doan family

    It was 1912, and the holiday season was under way in the community of Britton, North Dakota. Mr. R. Welch gave a well-attended and festive ‘dancing party’, and the first snow of the season had adorned the rolling countryside of Burleigh County, giving the opportunity for sleigh rides. While May and Elva Doan visited with […]

  • Senator John Hoeven ~ “Feast of the Little Spirit Moon” ~ Chef Rosey on Food Trends

    Thursday, December 21 – We catch up with North Dakota senator John Hoeven, who shares some perspective on what’s been a rather raucous time of late in the nation’s capital as the tax reform bill is passed. ~~~ The Sioux Chef’s Sean Sherman teams up with Anishinaabe writer Winona LaDuke to celebrate the winter solstice […]