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  • Arrival at Territorial Penitentiary

    For almost sixty thousand dollars, Dakota Territory constructed a penitentiary in Sioux Falls during 1881 and 1882. Territorial Governor Nehemiah Ordway signed the legislation to fund the prison, which was built on eighty-five acres of land. The facility was meant to house between 125 and 150 inmates. Wallace Dow was the architect. He also designed […]

  • Analysis on Jerusalem Decision ~ CP Holiday Train ~ Wind Industry Tax Concerns

    Tuesday, December 12 – President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has created quite a stir. With some perspective on that decision, we share an interview from South Dakota Public Broadcasting with Timothy Schorn, director of International Studies and associate professor of political Science at the University of […]

  • North Dakota Poultry

    North Dakota is known as an agricultural state, a leader in the production of canola, corn, wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, and sugar beets. Beef cattle are also an important commodity, with the state home to more than 950,000 head. So, when it comes to North Dakota agriculture, chickens are not the first thing to come to […]

  • The Psychology of Narcissists ~ Mark Trahant Essay ~ The Future of America’s Political Parties

    Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of PsychTests, joins us to discuss the fascinating results of their study about narcissist personality disorder – a disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance. ~~~ Mark Trahant weighs in on the soon-to-be vacant senate seat in Minnesota, which will be open following Sen. Al Franken’s resignation. ~~~ The Takeaway is airing a series […]

  • Railroad Travelers

    The War Department was ill prepared to handle the massive numbers of men and supplies required to fight the war in Europe.  After leaving North Dakota, the troops saw minimal training at Camp Greene.  Although they drilled eight hours a day, most combat exercises involved wooden rifles. Target practice consisted of only a few rounds […]

  • Science and Philosophy ~ News Chat with Dave ~ Matt Reviews “Lady Bird”

    Friday, December 8 – This Sunday at 5, Prairie Public presents “Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life.”  Host Jack Russell Weinstein will visit with philosopher Heather Douglas, known for her thoughts on science. Jack joins us with a preview of the show he has titled “What Does Science Policy Have to do With Democracy?” ~~~ […]

  • Russian Olive

    The landscapes in most areas look quite bare this time of year with all the leaves off the trees.  However, I have noticed that the leaves as well as the fruits of Russian olive are still hanging on.  They are quite conspicuous even at a distance. Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) is not a true olive, […]

  • Geminids Meteor Shower

    Time to look up to the heavens at night.  The granddaddy of all meteor showers has begun.  The Geminids Meteor Shower runs from December 7-17 with the peak period coming on the evening of Wednesday the 13th and early morning hours of the 14th. The Geminids are known for producing a lot of showy meteors. […]

  • Lidgerwood Ambulance

    Nowadays, we often take for granted that if there’s an emergency, we can call an ambulance. That’s often thanks to a few hard-working people who made an effort to provide the service. In the not so recent past, the people of Lidgerwood, North Dakota came together to do just that. It all started on August […]

  • Ranching and Predator Coexistence ~ Geminid Meteor Shower ~ Preserving Rural Wealth ~ Chef Rosey on Food Trends

    Thursday, December 7 – Ranchers and natural predators like wolves and bobcats are often at odds. Do they have to be? From the Food and Environment Reporting Network, writer Kristina Johnson travels to Montana to report on “predator coexistence.”~~~ Speaking of wildlife, Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on the Geminid Meteor Shower. […]

  • Shell Shocked, Gassed, and Side Sprained

    William E. Riley, of Geneseo, North Dakota, served as an infantryman in France during the Great War. There, according to a local historian, he was “shell shocked, gassed, and side sprained.” “Shell shock” was the term a century ago for what we now call PTSD. “Gassed” means Private Riley was caught in an attack of […]

  • Fargo Volunteer Firefighters

    Fargo’s history of fires is largely dominated by the Fire of 1893, which ravaged the wooden buildings that filled city’s downtown. But the city’s fire legacy goes back much further. In 1875, at Fargo’s first government meeting, the city’s mayor and aldermen appointed two fire wardens to patrol the city. Bucket brigades fought fires in […]

  • Teddy Roosevelt “Into the Amazon” ~ Livestock and Antibiotics ~ Hukun Abdullahi

    Wednesday, December 6 – In January, American Experience premieres a new documentary on PBS that tells the remarkable story of the 1914 journey by Theodore Roosevelt to chart an unexplored tributary of the Amazon River. Joining us with a preview is John Maggio, the writer, director and producer of Into the Amazon. ~~~ Most of the […]

  • Camp Mills

    Most of North Dakota’s National Guard were assigned to the 41st Division at Camp Greene in early October of 1917, and in November, the division began moving to Camp Mills, New York to be closer to their embarkation point for the trip to France. Smaller units of the guard went to the 116th Engineers or […]

  • Free Expression vs. Inflammatory Language ~ Mark Trahant Commentary ~ Innovation in Education

    Tuesday, December 5 – “Does Free Expression Always Make Us Smarter and Stronger?” That’s the theme of a lecture and panel discussion Wednesday sponsored by the Northern Plains Ethics Institute at NDSU. How should universities balance its values of free speech and non-discrimination? Is there a place for inflammatory language? The featured speaker is Dr. […]

  • Holiday Radio Specials

    December 12, 7pm Candles Burning Brightly Chanukah foods, traditions, and music. December 20, 9pm 2016 Concordia College Christmas Concert It’s a holiday tradition! December 21, 9pm Echoes Winter Solstice Music inspired by the season’s quiet majesty. December 22 & 23, 3 & 7pm Main Street Holiday Spirit Stories and readings from our region. December 24, 6-8pm […]

  • Taking on the American Legion

    When the United States entered the war, a grand promise was made: America would “darken the skies of Germany” with a vast air armada. In 1917 the War Department asked Congress for $640 million with the assurance that the planes would arrive at the front by May 1918. Congress approved the appropriation, the largest single […]

  • New Book about Laura Ingalls Wilder ~ Rep. Keith Ellison ~ Santa Run

    Monday, December 4 – Caroline Fraser has written “Prairie Fires, The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder.” It fills gaps in Wilder’s autobiographical writings, drawing on unpublished manuscripts, letters, diaries, and land and financial records. Fraser joins us from Iowa City, one of the stops on her book tour.  ~~~ The Takeaway is launching a series on the future […]

  • North Dakota’s Plymouth Brethren

    Almost 200 years ago in the 1800s, multiple groups of Christians came together in Dublin, Ireland to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. They didn’t want ministers or orders of service, but only the word of the Bible. From this gathering, the Plymouth Brethren was born, not an official denomination, but a network of like-minded Christian churches. […]

  • Our Monthly Editors’ Roundtable ~ Matt Reviews “The Florida Project”

    Friday, December 1 – Our monthly Editors’ Roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and special guests, Christopher Bjorke, Grand Forks Herald news editor; and Tony Bender of several central North Dakota papers, like the Ashley Tribune and Wishek Star. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “The Florida Project.”