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  • Our Monthly Editors’ Roundtable ~ Mark Trahant Commentary: “Deepening Political Divisions”

    Tuesday, October 31 – Our monthly Editors’ Roundtable gives us a chance for a more in-depth discussion of events in the news with a rotation of journalists from around the state. Joining host Doug Hamilton and news director Dave Thompson for this Halloween edition of the roundtable are April Baumgarten, reporter for the Grand Forks Herald; […]

  • A cowboy ghost story in Bowman

    It’s Halloween, a date to remember the eerie, spooky, or unexplainable. One such story was recalled by James M. Foley in 1915.  Around 1889, just before North Dakota became a state, Foley was visiting one of A. C. Huidekoper’s horse ranches with its manager, George Woodman.  This section of land was eight miles from the […]

  • Prairie Memories: The Vietnam War Years ~ Dennis Banks ~ Women in the St. John’s Bible

    Monday, October 30 – Bob Dambach, Prairie Public director of television, joins us with an update on “Prairie Memories: The Vietnam War Years.” Another round of events is scheduled in Minot, Bismarck, Fargo and Lisbon, and the broadcast premiere is coming up on November 9th. ~~~ The vast majority of American fire fighters are volunteers. These volunteer crews […]

  • The Introduction of the “Nickel Trophy” for UND and NDSU, 1937

    The rivalry between UND and NDSU for football preeminence in North Dakota began long ago, in 1894.  At first, UND and NDSU merely contended for bragging rights, but a new element arose after 40 years of gridiron competition.  It was on this date in 1937 that UND hosted NDSU in for homecoming, with the winner […]

  • Elisa Korenne ~ News Chat ~ Review: “Battle of the Sexes”

    Friday, October 27 – Singer songwriter and memoirist Elisa Korenne is John Harris’s guest on this week’s Prairie Pulse television show. In this excerpt, she discusses her move from New York City to small town Minnesota, her music, and her book “Hundred Miles to Nowhere, An Unlikely Love Story,” which was a finalist in the Next […]

  • The Suckers Are Not All Dead

    Warnings about scams are common today. No sooner does one scheme become ineffective than a new one pops up. Today people are much less likely to fall for an email from a Nigerian prince offering millions of dollars, but they still might click on a bogus link to update their information with their bank, giving […]

  • ND Deal One Student Loans ~ Dr. David Gipp Honored ~ Randi Kay ~ Chef Rosey

    Thursday, October 26 – May college graduates have started receiving notice that their six-month grace period is coming to an end and they’ll need to start making student loan payments. The state’s DEAL One refinancing program could help. It’s also time for students to consider the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA. Joining us […]

  • Walter Sharbo and the German Jet

    On this date in 1923, Walter Sharbo was born in Williston.  He became a fighter pilot during World War 2, flying a P-47 Thunderbolt.  Walter served with the famous 56th Fighter Group, also known as Zemke’s Wolf Pack, so-named for Commander Hubert Zemke.  Zemke’s Wolf Pack was part of the 8th Air Force and flew […]

  • “Hank and Jim” Author Scott Eyman ~ UND Mars Habitat Mission

    Wednesday, October 25 – Best-selling author Scott Eyman has written a delightful account of the fifty-year friendship of Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart. He joins us to discuss this new release, “Hank & Jim.” ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay regarding a common lawn challenge: quack grass. ~~~ Three University of North Dakota […]

  • Nuisance Bugs and Meteor Showers

    I recently visited with a person who was fed up with the lady bugs (aka lady beetles) invading his house this fall.  What he didn’t realize, however, was that these were not the native lady bugs.  They were Asian lady beetles, sometimes called multicolored Asian lady beetles. Asian lady beetles have been introduced both accidentally […]

  • Winter Finch Forecast

    It is not too early to start thinking about feeding the birds this winter. As those of you with bird feeders in your yards know, there is considerable yearly variation in the visitors to the feeders.  Much of that difference is related to the seed and fruit crop in Canada. Each summer, Ron Pittaway, an […]

  • Quackgrass

    I was visiting with a friend recently that was lamenting the quackgrass problem in his garden.  He made the mistake of tilling his garden this past spring, including through a small patch of quackgrass.  He was careful to collect all the rhizomes, but he did not get them all.  Now he has a bumper crop […]

  • The Plantsman

    Let me try to help you fellows who have trouble buying gifts for your significant others. Find yourself a gal who loves books, and in addition to the many other benefits of such a relationship, it will solve your dilemma as to gifting. So here is my current triumph: a first edition of Plants of […]

  • Painting Zeeland Hall

    An anonymous donor bought the yellow-cream paint applied to the historic Zeeland Hall this fall. I think the donor wished to remain anonymous because a public act of charity might diminish his reputation as a curmudgeon. I asked him why he wrote the check for the paint, and he said, “I just wanted to do […]

  • St. Alexius Health

    On this date in 1937, Sister Boniface Timmins was laid to rest. Sister Boniface had served as the Superior of St. Alexius Hospital for 42 years, nurturing the hospital as it grew. She took charge of the institution in 1892. Under her leadership, it went from a simple medical facility to a prestigious modern operation, […]

  • ND Human Rights and Arts Festival ~ Jenna Gibson on Korea

    Tuesday, October 24 – An inaugural “North Dakota Human Rights and Arts Festival” is coming up next month. It’s an effort to facilitate discussion around local and worldwide human rights topics using film and other art forms. Here to discuss the festival and how you can still submit in some categories is festival chair Sean […]

  • Birth of the 164th

    The Second Regiment of the North Dakota National Guard had been quickly assembled with volunteers having little or no military experience.  Most of the officers had not seen any extensive military service since receiving commissions during the Philippine Insurrection, so it was difficult to obtain approval from the Federal Government.  Many hurdles had to be […]

  • 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation ~ Mange ~ Organic Farming ~ Prohibition Documentary

    Monday, October 23 – It’s been 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, an anniversary being celebrated by many protestant congregations. Retired pastor Marv Mutzenberger will portray Martin Luther as part of a synod-wide worship festival next Sunday at the Bismarck Event Center. He and Bishop Mark Narum join us with a preview as we discuss the story of Martin Luther. In […]

  • Protectionism and the Farmer

    On this date in 1914, the Pioneer Express of Pembina, North Dakota reported that livestock imports from Canada had increased substantially over the first nine months of the year. In January, just over 1,000 cattle had been imported. This number grew to over 7,000 in September. The number of imported hogs also grew, from just […]

  • Student Loan Repayment Program ~ Tremble Clefs Choir ~ Movie Review

    Friday, October 20 – The John R. Justice Student Loan Repayment Program helps ensure that the state has an adequate number of attorneys to serve as public defenders and prosecutors. Here to explain the need, and how the program works, are Aaron Birst, executive director of the North Dakota State’s Attorneys Association; and Janel Schmitz, […]