Prairie Public to premiere biographical documentary “Malcolm Frager: American Pianist”

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Fargo, ND, October 18, 2016 – Prairie Public will premiere a new, locally produced television documentary chronicling the life, work, and legacy of Malcolm Frager, an award-winning and Grammy-nominated pianist. The documentary will premiere at 9:30 p.m. CT, October 24.

Frager’s talent and scholarship was honored with numerous prestigious awards, and his influence and perseverance uncovered a cache of more than a thousand original manuscripts by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and Mozart that had been missing since World War II.

One of the producers of the documentary, Dr. Robert J. Chabora, had a passion about the life and music of Malcolm Frager.  A respected writer and biographer, Dr. Chabora’s book, “Search and Celebration: The Life and Art of Malcolm Frager” is currently being completed posthumously in conjunction with the documentary.

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