Countdown to Statehood with Dakota Datebook

North Dakota will celebrate 125 years of statehood on November 2, 2014, and Prairie Public is joining the festivities with special “Countdown to Statehood” essays from historian Jim Davis and Dakota Datebook. Click the links below to learn about North Dakota and its storied history, and stay tuned for new stories every week!

Dakota Datebook radio features air weekdays at 8:35 am, 3:50 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:50 pm CT on Prairie Public.

November 5, 2013 Dakota Territory
November 12 Countdown to Statehood
November 19 Dennis Hannifin
November 25 Local Option

December 3 Jamestown Convention
December 9 Willis R. Bierly
December 16 Land Ownership and Patriotism
December 23 Christmas in Dakota 1888
December 30 Springer’s Insult

January 7, 2014 Division and Dualism
January 17 1889 Session Begins
January 21 Institutions
January 27 Session Dilemma

February 6 Democratic Caucus
February 12 Mid-Session Hostilities
February 20 Springer Relents
February 24 The Omnibus Bill Approved

March 6 End in Sight
March 12 End of Last Territorial Session
March 20 Tenure of Office
March 24 Mellette Takes Office

April 2 Political Patronage
April 7 Railroad Rates and Land Speculation
April 15 Election Proclamation
April 24
April 28

May 8
May 14
May 22
May 26

June 4
June 12
June 18
June 23

July 2
July 9
July 15
July 23
July 28

August 5
August 15
August 21
August 27

September 3
September 9
September 18
September 22
September 30

October 8
October 16
October 20
October 29


Dakota Datebook is a project of Prairie Public, in partnership with the State Historical Society of North Dakota, with funding from the North Dakota Humanities Council.


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