Dakota Datebook

Florence “Treetops” Klingensmith

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Fargoan Florence “Treetops” Klingensmith made the history books as a female aviator. In 1929, intent on making a living as a pilot, she sought to obtain a plane for use “in civic advertising, promotion of projects in line with a greater Fargo development and good will flights.”


On this date, with the financial support of several friends and businesses, she left for Illinois to get her pilot’s license, and soon to flew back to Fargo in her new plane—bearing “slogans of those backing the project” on her “homecoming day.”


The plane was christened “Miss Fargo” – a fitting name for a plane belonging to a female pilot who was promoting the region.


Dakota Datebook written by Sarah Walker



April 1, 1929, Mon. Even. Fargo Forum

“Tree-Tops Klingensmith,” by Merry Helm:




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