Dakota Datebook

Terrifying Target Practice

Saturday, August 24, 2013


A terrifying ordeal for Litchville residents was reported by The Bismarck Tribune on this date in 1948. Several of the town’s young boys had been engaged in a favorite pastime … shooting pigeons in the grain elevator, something usually considered helpful. But the fourth-graders decided it would be much more exciting to shoot at considerably larger targets, specifically the townspeople. Aiming from an open elevator window, the boys turned their .22 rifles toward the downtown area, shooting at residents two blocks away. A bullet narrowly missed gas station attendant Lynn Flach, and A. H. Bocksweld dove behind a structure as a shot flew near. The culprits were soon apprehended and given a stern lecture “…on the proper use of firearms.”


Dakota Datebook by written by Jayme L. Job



http://www.infomercantile.com/dakota_death_trip/Tired_of_Pigeons_1341868645.html (Dakota Death Trip blog posted by D. Dahlsad, The Bismarck Tribune, August 24, 1948).


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