Dakota Datebook

Mixed-Up Towns

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Towner isn’t in Towner County, it’s McHenry County’s seat; the town of McHenry, however, is in Foster County. Cavalier isn’t in Cavalier County; it’s the county seat of Pembina County. Beach is the county seat of Golden Valley County, but Golden Valley is in Mercer County. So is Stanton, Mercer County’s seat, but Mercer, the town, is in McLean County.

Ellendale is the county seat of Dickey County, but the town of Dickey is in Lamour County. Hettinger County’s seat is Mott, but Hettinger, itself, is the county seat of Adams County; the town of Adams, on the other hand, is in Walsh County. Finley is the county seat of Steele County, but Steele, the town, is the seat of Kidder County. And, if you’re not confused enough already, Napoleon is the county seat of Logan County, but Logan, itself, is in Ward County.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm

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