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Sunday, November 9, 2008


It can be hard to remember a name, much less to remember a complete name change. It can be even harder if it is a geographic name change, according to Walter Hjelle, the State Highway Commissioner in 1967. So, that year, it was big news that one area’s name change had already started to stick.

By this date, people were already rather accustomed to it. In fact, Hjelle announced that his department would include the new name on the next year’s state road map.

Some of you may remember the change, and some of you may be able to guess: It was a body of water, quite large, once known “simply as ‘Garrison Reservoir.'” And for those of you still trying to figure it out, you can have three guesses, because this name goes by many different spellings and pronunciations.

Lake Sakakawea was that chosen spot!

Nelson County Arena, Friday, Nov. 10. 1967

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