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Sunday, November 16, 2008


On this date, it was reported that J. E. Donahue of New Rockford recovered a car that had been taken from his garage at the end of October.

Soon after it had been taken, the car was recognized in Minot, where, “on suspicion that it had been stolen by whisky runners,” police officers chased the car as far as Berthold—but the car got away.
However, the car was found abandoned in Granville at the beginning of November. The car was in sorry shape with the left rear wheel broken off and two other wheels down.

Donahue discovered through papers left there that it was used as the getaway vehicle by some bandits who had robbed the Wolford bank. They left another little gift leaning against the car—a heavy caliber rifle.

They had taken the car for quite a joy ride.

Minot Daily News, p.2, Thursday Evening, Nov. 16, 1922

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