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A 3,000 Mile Walk

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What does a man do who has rheumatism?
On this date in 1910, the Fargo Forum reported that Otto Melsch, from Minot, ND, had not been feeling well for some time. Suffering from rheumatism, Mr. Melsch decided to undergo a forty-five day fast.
This apparently “affected a cure”, but left him in a weakened condition.
To rehabilitate, Melsch decided to “regain his robust constitution” by walking from Miami, Flordia to San Diego, California.
According to the Forum article, the 3,000 mile walk “soon brought him back to his old self, and he is now in perfect health.”
So what does a man do who suffers from rheumatism? Mr. Melsch would have recommended not eating for a month and a half and then a walk across the country!

The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, Friday, November 10, 1910. pg. 1

Written by Dave Seifert

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