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One Wonder

Sunday, December 30, 2007

White buffalo have always been a point of curiosity and interest.
So when three men out hunting spied a white buffalo in the Bad Lands in 1881,they followed him around, attempting to lasso him. One finally did, but he unfortunately broke the buffalo’s neck. They “skinned (the buffalo) as well as they could with their pocket knives, took a drink, feasted” on some of the meat, and decided the “best thing they could do with it was to send it to … sheriff McKenzie with their compliments.”
The Bismarck Tribune boasted on this day that Mr. Alex McKenzie, of Bismarck, now owned “one of the wonders of the world.” He deemed it priceless, but for a few days, he left it at the Capital building, so all curiosity could be satisfied.

Written by Sarah Walker

Bismarck Tribune, Dec. 30, 1881 , p.3

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