Dakota Datebook

An Early Christmas Present

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Fargo Forum reported on this date in 1897 the story of a unique present delivered by train to a Fargo man.
When the Jamestown Northern Railroad stopped in Carrington for dinner, “Fatty Beals” the local grocer brought food on board for the paying travelers. Much to “Fatty’s” surprise, a young “four year old Arab boy” stood waiting for a handout. The young man was unaccompanied, but had a shipping tag pinned to his shirt.
No one knew when or where the young man boarded the train. Nevertheless, many of the passengers took pity on the young lad and bought him dinner. They then proceeded to make sure he was safely delivered to his destination in Fargo.
“Little Jimmy” was soon united with Mr. Abrimhasen in Fargo, who we’re sure was pleased with his “early Christmas present.”

The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, Wednesday Evening, December 22, 1997. pg. 3.

Written by Dave Seifert

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