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Flood of the Century

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It is still referred to as the flood of the century-when the Red River struck in the spring of ’97. Only four years had passed from the destruction from the Great Fargo Fire when on this date in 1897, the crest was rolling northward as the Red River stunned Fargo and Grand Forks.

The Red rushed through Fargo thoroughfares, swamped buildings and swept away the wooden blocks that once paved the streets. Residents ferried through the high waters in boats and canoes. Low-lying buildings sat in water up to their rooflines or were swept away. The water damage would leave a muddy terrain that lasted for years.

Recovery eventually came. But, 100 years later, a new flood of ’97 also made history.

Dakota Datebook written by Steve Stark

Source: http://www.fargo-history.com/floods/fargo-floods-1890s.htm

Robinson, Elwyn B. 1966 Univ. of Nebraska Press, History of North Dakota


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