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  • Christopher Jones, ND Dept. of Human Services ~ Mark Trahant Essay ~ News Chat ~ Review: “My Cousin Rachel”

      Friday, June 23 – Christopher Jones took the reins earlier this year at the North Dakota Department of Human Services when he was appointed by Governor Burgum as the agency’s executive director. He joins us to discuss the many responsibilities of the agency and the challenges posed by this tough budget period. ~~~ UND professor Mark Trahant shares an essay on the impact the proposed federal budget would have on Indian Country. Mark writes for Native Voice One, a Native American Radio Network. Find his blog at ~~~ Our weekly news chat with Dave Thompson. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “My Cousin Rachel.”

  • Norwegian Heritage ~ “Prairie Daughters” Exhibit ~ Chef Rosey on Cloudberries

      Thursday, June 22 – Kari Tauring is a Minneapolis-based Nordic folk musician, dancer, and storyteller.  She’s one of the many people participating in the Scandinavian Hjemkomst and Midwest Viking Festival this week in Moorhead. ~~~ Also at the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center is an exhibit called “Prairie Daughters: The Art and Lives of Annie Stein and Orabel Thortvedt.” In this feature prepared for the Prairie Pulse television show, we hear about these two historic women artists from Mark Piehl and Markus Krueger with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County. ~~~ Coal states are trying to figure out how to capture carbon dioxide and whether they can turn those emissions into a moneymaker. Our Amy Sisk has the story for Inside Energy. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here with this week’s food topic, cloudberries. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

  • Disability Rights and Parenthood ~ Western Meadowlark ~ Bismarck Tea Shop Expands to West Fargo

      Wednesday, June 21 – Two Wheelchairs and a Baby is a story featuring the efforts of a disabled couple from Minnesota to have a child. It comes to us courtesy of the Death, Sex, and Money podcast from WNYC Studios in collaboration with  ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota with Chuck Lura we learn about North Dakota’s state bird, the Western Meadowlark~~~ There’s no shortage of coffee shops. Tea cafes though, that’s a different story. Terisena Hintz and her husband Jerry stumbled into the tea world while researching spices. They opened Steep Me a Cup of Tea in Bismarck in 2008 and expanded to West Fargo last fall. Terisina visits with John Harris in this excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ Today’s Dakota Datebook is another in our series acknowledging 100 years since The Great War. See all those stories HERE.

  • Celebrating Zeeland Hall ~ Results Fargo & Global Health ~ Trahant Reports ~ Oil Thefts

      Tuesday, June 20 – Zeeland Hall’s historic designation will be celebrated on Sunday. Here to share the story of the historic building are NDSU professor of history Tom Isern, and UND football coach Bubba Schweigert.  Coach Schwigert’s grandfather was foreman for the building’s construction, his dad was a well known fan in the stands, and Bubba remembers attending many events in the hall. ~~~ There’s an effort to improve global funding for maternal and child health, and local chapters are playing a role. Here to explain are Bethany Wanzek and Natalie Eberts with RESULTS-Fargo. ~~~ UND professor Mark Trahant writes commentaries for Native Voice One.  In today’s “Trahant Reports” essay, Mark reflects on the recent court decision regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Visit Mark’s blog at Trahant ~~~ A story on oil field theft from Inside Energy.

  • Little Big Horn Surgeon ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Bees and Fruit Trees ~ Ron Smith

      Monday, June 19 – Author Todd Harburn is traveling the region doing some research and presenting on his new book, “A Surgeon With Custer at the Little Big Horn” It’s the story of James DeWolf, based on his diary and letters. He joins us by phone in Jamestown. ~~~ More history as NDSU history professor Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay called “Mystery of the Martyrs of Walhalla.” ~~~ The farmers who grow fruits like apples and peaches depend on bees to pollinate their orchards, but study after study suggests those critically important pollinators are at-risk. Harvest Public Media’s Kristofor Husted reports on new technology that could help farmers learn how their pollinators are doing. ~~~ Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith is here to answer recent lawn, garden, and storm damage questions. Today’s show is pre-recorded, so send your questions in advance to

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