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  • Student Research on Diabetes ~ Sioux Chef Sean Sherman ~ Productive Rest

      Tuesday, August 23 – Indigenous populations of the US and Canada tend to suffer from diabetes more than white people. Leah Bercier spent her summer at UND studying some of the factors contributing to this. She spoke with Ashley Thornberg about her research findings. ~~~  Sean Sherman calls himself the Sioux Chef. The Minnesota-based Native American chef works to reclaim the healthy food traditions of his ancestors. He spoke with Christopher Kimball on this past weekend’s America’s Test Kitchen. ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, Chuck Lura shines a spotlight on animal personalities. ~~~ From July’s TEDx Fargo event, featured speaker Bec Heinrich advocates a life with productive rest. ~~~ Amy Mayer talks to farmers about a potential resurgence in the oat crop for Harvest Public Media.

  • Wine Discussion with Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Red River Radio Amateurs ~ Oil Pipeline Safety

      Monday, August 22 – Ron Smith is our go-to guy for lawn and garden questions. Turns out, he knows a lot about wine, too. He shares the history and horticulture of wine. ~~~ In bad weather conditions, amateur ‘ham’ radio operators can fill an important role supporting the media. We’ll hear about this helpful hobby from Gurnee Bridgman and Kent Olson of Red River Radio Amateurs. ~~~ For Inside Energy, Reid Frazier reports on oil pipeline safety.

  • Dakota Access Pipeline ~ Chuck Suchy ~ Natural North Dakota ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ News Discussion

      Friday, August 19 – There’s a growing protest surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline construction. Inside Energy’s Amy Sisk was there and joins us with more. ~~~ The musical Suchy Family hosts its annual Suchy fest this weekend in Mandan. Prairie Public’s Scott Prebys chats with Chuck Suchy.  ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, Chuck Lura makes us hungry for horseradish. ~~~ Essayist Tom Isern shares positive male role models in a Plains Folk Essay titled “Men Such as These.”  ~~~ Dave Thompson joins us for our weekly look at the news. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Suicide Squad.”

  • Styled by a Child Fundraiser ~ UND Bus Tour ~ Maple Syrup

      Thursday, August 18 –  ND Women’s Network  is raising money with an effort called Styled by a Child, where adults get a makeover from a kid. We visit with organizers Renee Stromme and Katie Aitchison.  ~~~ UND is hosting its annual bus tour of the state for new faculty. Prairie Public’s John Corley visits with UND Interim Vice President for University and Public Affairs Peter Johnson.  ~~~ Usually when we hear the word cartel, we think drugs, or maybe oil. From Marketplace, we learn about the maple syrup cartel with Bloomberg reporter Jen Skerritt. ~~~ Speaking of maple syrup, Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here to talk the syrupy goodness.  ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

  • Panda Babies: Mission Critical ~ Reclaimed Wood ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ “Correct” English

      Wednesday, August 17 Nat Geo WILD’s Mission Critical is a new monthly program featuring powerful stories of the most incredible and endangered animals on our planet. The inaugural episode focuses on pandas. We visit with National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale about her work photographing pandas.   ~~~ Harvest Public Media looks at the pros and cons of using reclaimed wood in our homes. ~~~Horticulturist Ron Smith tackles your lawn and garden questions. ~~~ From July’s TEDx Fargo event, we hear from Kellam Barta, who says there’s no such thing as “correct” English.

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