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  • The Importance of Soil Carbon ~ Bison as Food ~ News Chat ~ Movie Reviews: “Tarzan” and “Genius”

      Friday, July 22 – When we hear about carbon being stored on crop land, we might assume it’s mostly in the plants, but the soil plays a much bigger role; and it’s proving to be the most important variable when it comes to crop productivity. Researcher Christine Sprunger has found that testing for carbon is a better way of evaluating soil that more commonly used tests. ~~~ The future of the nation’s new national mammal, the Bison, may depend in part on our willingness to eat them, say bison ranchers. Harvest Public Media‘s Luke Runyon explains. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “The Gun Mystique.” ~~~ News director Dave Thompson joins us with a discussion of state news. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews two films this week, “The Legend of Tarzan” and “Genius.”

  • Summer Learning with PBS Learning Media ~ Chef Rosey on Roasting Veggies

      Thursday, July 21 – It gets hard to keep kids engaged during the summer months. PBS is here to help with activities and resources from PBS Learning Media. We’ll hear about how it works from Tammy Swift of Prairie Public’s Education Department. We’ll also learn about events the staff is putting on around the state to promote literacy and boost community, especially within the New American population. ~~~ A report from Harvest Public Media on the struggle for small towns to diversify their economies. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on fishing for bluegills. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here with this week’s food topic, roasting and grilling vegetables. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

  • “Farm Commons” Legal Help ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

      Wednesday, July 20 – Rachel Armstrong’s experience working on farms led her to conclude that there was a big need for legal advocacy. So, she went to law school and started “Farm Commons” to provided support and resources for sustainability-minded farmers. ~~~ Chickens aren’t a traditional pet. But with more of the livestock being housed in urban and suburban backyards, some owners take just as much pride in their poultry as their dog or cat. Harvest Public Media‘s Luke Runyon reports. ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith drops by to answer some of the recently arrived lawn and garden questions. ~~~ A story on craft brewing from John Corley. ~~~ An essay from Randi Kay Olson, “How to Savor Summer.”

  • “Bagpipes: A Rock-and-Roll History” ~ An Essay from Jessica Runck ~ Biotech Regulation ~ Community Cafe

      Tuesday, July 19 – UND’s Sheila Liming sees links between the bagpipe and rock-and-roll.  The bagpiping expert penned an essay on the topic for The Atlantic magazine. She joins us to discuss “Bagpipes: A Rock-and-Roll History.” ~~~ An essay from Jessica Runck, “A Pregnant Pause.” ~~~ A story on the challenge for regulators to keep up with the biotech revolution from Harvest Public Media’s Grant Gerlock. ~~~ Community Café is an effort to lessen food waste while serving those in need. Ashley Thornberg visits with Leola Daul.

  • ND Veterans Entrepreneurship Program ~ Project Unpack Oral Histories

      Monday, July 18 – UND is launching a North Dakota chapter of the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program. It offers experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management for the nation’s veterans. It’s compared to a military boot camp – intense, rigorous and challenging. Here to tell us more is Tyler Okerlund at UND’s Center for Innovation. ~~~ This Thursday marks the anniversary of the battle of Bull Run, or First Manassas. It’s the subject of a Memory Palace essay called “Road Trip” from Nate DiMeo. ~~~ An update on Project Unpack from Angela Smith as the gathering of oral histories begins. Project Unpack is a one-year program to initiate dialogues about the legacies of American wars. It also involves book discussions and artistic workshops. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from Tom Isern, “A New Rock Star.”

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