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  • Experiencing the Inauguration and the March ~ Remembering Paul Goble, Storyteller

      Monday, January 23 – Lacee Anderson, helped organize events for North Dakotans attending last Friday’s inauguration and she shares her observations of that exciting event. ~~~ Linda Anderson, a Moorhead resident, is one of the thousands of people who traveled to the Women’s March on Washington, the other big event in DC. ~~~ From South Dakota Public Broadcasting, a tribute to South Dakota author/illustrator Paul Goble, Caldecott winner for “The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses.” Goble died on January 5. “In the Moment” host Lori Walsh visits with Dr. Gregory Bryan, author of the new book, “Paul Goble: Storyteller.” Goble is known for revolutionizing children’s literature by telling traditional Native American stories. Dr. Gregory Bryan, is a professor of children’s literature and literacy education at the University of Manitoba.

  • Growth Predictions in the Oil Patch ~ News Chat with Dave ~ Matt reviews “La La Land” and “Jackie”

      Friday, January 20 – Shawn Gaddie of AE2S discusses a new study done for the Western Dakota Energy Association regarding the growth outlook for the oil patch in North Dakota. AE2S is a civil/environmental consulting engineering firm based in Grand Forks. ~~~ For Inside Energy, KPBS reporter Erik Anderson looks at the growing use of microgrids. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here for our weekly news chat. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “La La Land” and “Jackie.”

  • Probiotics ~ Chef Rosey on Popcorn ~ Ryan Taylor

      Thursday, January 19 – Developmental scientist, health activist, and internationally renowned probiotic authority, Natasha Trenev, joins us to discuss the effects of beneficial bacteria. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl revisits popcorn with an interesting survey of snacker preferences. ~~~ Ryan Taylor leaves his appointment as the State Director of USDA Rural Development on January 20th. He joins us to reflect on his tenure and also to comment on his reason for visiting Fargo, an event involving the new Prairie Roots Cooperative. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

  • Eric Burin: “Picking the President” ~ Saving the Lakota Language

      Wednesday, January 18 – Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College” is the latest offering from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Joining us to discuss this project is the editor of this compendium of essays, Eric Burin, professor of history at UND. ~~~ The Lakota Language Consortium is working to preserve the Lakota Language. Joining us is executive director and Wil Meya, in this encore presentation from 2015. ~~~ A Natural North Dakota essay from Chuck Lura, “Winter White.”

  • Lecture Preview: “Free Education” ~ Creative Care for Reaching Independence

      Tuesday, January 17 – Dr. Gilbert Kuipers of Valley City State will present a lecture called “Free Education” at the Barnes County Museum this Thursday. (7pm) It’s part of season 19 in the Barnes County Historical Society Lecture Series. With many people concerned about the high cost of attending college and student debts, Dr. Kuipers takes a look back in history for a possible solution. ~~~ Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay, “Thunder Sticks.” ~~~ Americans are eating more sweet potatoes these days, with farmers churning out numbers we haven’t seen in 70 years. Harvest Public Media’s Kristofor Husted has the story. ~~~ CCRI stands for Creative Care for Reaching Independence. It’s an organization that provides support for people with disabilities. Telling us more is development director Jody Hudson as she visits with John Harris in this excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “Fake News.”

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