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  • Nostalgia Research ~ Robin Poor Bear ~ Stories of Native American Resilience

      Tuesday, November 24 – As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we talk about nostalgia with NDSU professor Clay Routledge, who says nostalgia provides a boost in positive psychological states such as mood, social connectedness, self-esteem, and meaning.  His new book is titled: Nostalgia: A Psychological Resource. ~~~ Robin Poor Bear, an Oglala Sioux woman, opened up to filmmaker David Sutherland about a life of sexual abuse in the documentary “Kind Hearted Woman.” She passed away on Friday. We’re airing an excerpt from a conversation with her that aired right before the documentary premiered in 2013. ~~~ In this week’s installment of “Stories of Native American Resilience,” we hear from Robert His Chase of the Standing Rock Reservation.  ~~~ Ed Goerger is the executive director of the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society, and he’s Matt Olien’s guest on this week’s Prairie Pulse show.

  • “Built on Agriculture” ~ Muhammad Samin Kahn on Terrorism

      Monday, November 23 – Prairie Public pays tribute to the people who settled the plains of Manitoba in a new TV documentary called “Built on Agriculture.” Bob Dambach, our director of television, is here with a preview. ~~~ An Inside Energy report on the carbon footprint of a typical Thanksgiving experience from Lou Blouin of Allegheny Front. ~~~ Muhammad Samin Kahn, a visiting professor at the University of North Dakota, will present at UND’s Memorial Union tomorrow about the Paris attacks. He’ll address a number of issues, including the attacker’s goals and the divide among Islamic sects. He joins us with a preview. ~~~ The Forest History Center in Grand Rapids documents the history of Minnesota’s lumber industry. Jeff Johns, director of the center, takes us on a tour in this feature produced for the Prairie Pulse television show.

  • Main Street Weekend

      Sunday, November 11 - Highlights from the previous week. Airing each Sunday at 10am.

  • The Waffle Room ~ Farm Taxes ~ News Discussion ~ Movie Review: Suffragette

      Friday, November 20 – Joe Burgum and Simone Wai head up Folkways, a business enterprise aimed at helping other businesses thrive, while building community. Their latest effort is a pop-up café called The Waffle Room. Ashley Thornberg stops by for a visit. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson discusses the latest headlines. ~~~ A movie review from Matt Olien.

  • Isaiah Investments ~ Clean Power Plan ~ Bruce Berg Essay ~ Chef Rosey: Thanksgiving

      Thursday, November 19 – Isaiah Investments is a statewide loan fund that helps Lutheran Social Services alleviate shortages of affordable housing. It’s also an investment opportunity. Here to explain how it works is Jessica Thomasson, CEO, and Howard Barlow, associate investment officer. ~~~ Some reaction from coal country to the Clean Power Plan from Inside Energy’s Emily Guerin. ~~~ Bruce Berg commentary: “College Lit Test.” ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl is talking turkey this week. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

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