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  • The Wilderness Act Turns 50 ~ The Internet Cat Video Festival

      Tuesday, September 2 – Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. One of the people most involved in that legislation was Howard Zahniser. Here with the story of the man and the legislation if NDSU history professor Mark Harvey, author of “Wilderness Forever: Howard Zahniser and the Path to the Wilderness Act.” He’s also the editor of The Wilderness Writings of Howard Zahniser. ~~~ What are the health risks of living near a well site? Here’s part two of our Inside Energy look at health concerns amid the oil and gas boom. ~~~ The Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. Ashley visits with Colleen Sheehy, director of the museum, and Becky Dunham, curator. ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith Shares some lawn and garden tips.

  • “24 Hours: A Day in the Working Life”

    Monday, September 1 – On this Labor Day, Main Street is preempted for “24 Hours: A Day in the Working Life.” In this special report, twelve workers who might otherwise go unnoticed – including a stripper, deli waitress, bus driver, metal scrapper and bathroom attendant – take us inside their places of work to show us what they do, why they do it and what it takes.

    Listen to the episode here:

  • Fall Movie Preview

      Friday, August 29 – Ashley Thornberg visits with Matt Olien and Brittney Goodman as they preview the fall movie season, with Oscar hopefuls about to debut on the big screen.


  • Guinn Hinman, State Historical Society ~ Chef Rosey on Lima Beans

      Thursday, August 28 – Guinn Hinman of the State Historical Society of North Dakota joins us. Among our topics of conversation will be her upcoming presentation at the newly refurbished Stutsman County Courthouse. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk column, “Bashtan.” ~~~ With the summer quickly winding down, the need for blood donors in North Dakota is up. John Michaelson reports. ~~~ People who hate it call it “pollution.” People who love it call it “rollin’ coal.” It’s the practice of retrofitting diesel trucks to spew thick, black plumes of smoke. Black Gold reporter Todd Melby caught up with an enthusiast. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl stops by with this week’s food topic, “Lima Beans.” ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

  • C2Renew ~ Remembering Richard Attenborough ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

      Wednesday, August 27 – The NDSU Technology Incubator is home to a number of interesting business start-ups. Today, we visit with Dr. Chad Ulven and Corey Kratcha of c2renew, which incorporates agricultural by-products into plastics. ~~~ Chuck Lura is talking sunflowers in today’s Natural North Dakota essay. ~~~ North Dakota is in the middle of a historic oil boom, producing over one million barrels of oil each day. And it’s producing a whole lot more of something else: saltwater, a waste product of drilling, and as more and more wells are drilled, salt water spills have increased dramatically. Prairie Public’s Emily Guerin reports for Inside Energy. ~~~ Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith answers listeners’ lawn and garden questions. ~~~ Matt Olien stops by with reflections on the career of Richard Attenborough.

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