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Black Gold Boom Report from the Oil Patch ~ Soldiers’ “ReEntry” in to Everyday Life

posted on 11/08/2012

  Thursday, November 8 – A Black Gold Boom feature as reporter Diane Richard visits with singer/songwriter Kris Kitko. We also hear from a family of six living in a cramped “skid house” trailer near Williston. ~~~ Prairie Public is sponsoring a Mister Rogers Sweater Drive. Here to tell us about it are Morgan Jenkins, Marie Lucero and Janees Sveet. ~~~ Coming soon to a number of locations in North Dakota is “ReEntry,” a stage presentation that explores the plight of many Marines as they struggle to re-enter civilian life upon returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Director Brad Delzer has the details. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have “What’s Happening” this weekend.


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