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Toxic Mold ~ NW Snow Update ~ “The Impact of Oil Development on Cultural Landscapes”

posted on 11/12/2012

  Monday, November 12 – Toxic mold has long been a part of human affairs, from the WWII battlefields in Russia to homes with sick building syndrome, and it’s the topic of the next Science Café presentation from NDSU. Joining us is Berlin Nelson, Department of Plant Pathology. ~~~ Cecile Krimm, owner and editor of The Journal in Divide County, joins us with a report on how the area is handling 18 inches of new snow.~~~ Historian Calvin Grinnell discusses “The Impact of Oil Development on cultural Landscapes.” It’s a preview of his presentation taking place this Wednesday at Minot State University, part of “Native American Cultural Celebration Week” at MSU. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg “Serve and Pitch.”

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