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“Gun Guys: A Road Trip” ~ Film Director Tom Van Avermaet

posted on 03/13/2013

  Wednesday, March 13 – With the debate over gun control at high tide, we take the opportunity to visit with Dan Baum, author of the new book “Gun Guys: A Road Trip.” It’s an assessment of guns in America, from a gun lover, that provides a “thoughtful corrective to the mutual ideological hysteria surrounding the issue of guns in America.” ~~~ Film director Tom Van Avermaet’s “Death of a Shadow” was nominated for an Academy Award, and it also showed at the Fargo Film Festival. He stopped by our studio to visit with Ashley Thornberg. ~~~ Stephanie Liden, a post-graduate in the UND English Department, introduces us to the work of writer, who will be appearing at the UND Writer’s Conference.

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