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Bringing Passenger Pigeons Back to Life ~ Heat Stroke ~ An Essay on Dictionaries

posted on 05/20/2013

  Monday, May 20 – North Dakota native Ben Novak is pursuing a passion he’s had since the age of 13 … reviving an extinct species. He’s now pursuing that work at the University of California in Santa Cruz. More Info ~~~ Andrea Winkjer Collin of ND Horizons Magazine has another “Vittles in the Vast Lane,” Everlasting  Yeast. ~~~ Around 40 children die each year from being left in hot cars. Nationwide, there have already been three fatalities this year. Carma Hanson of Safe Kids Grand Forks stops by with some safety reminders. ~~~ An essay about dictionaries from Kim Crowley, assistant professor of English at Bismarck State College.

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