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Pelicans Galore at Chase Lake ~ Artist Shelly Bunde

posted on 07/11/2013

  Thursday, July 11 – The pelican’s have returned to North Dakota … more than 30,000 at the Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the largest refuge in North America. While the population is down somewhat from last year, it’s still much higher than two years ago, and well above some years when the population was mysteriously low. Here with an update on the pelicans and other news from the refuge is manager Neil Shook. ~~~ An episode of 99% Invisible about acoustic design, a city soundscape, and how to make listening in shared spaces pleasant (or at the very least, possible). ~~~ A follow-up on the Quebec train derailment involving North Dakota oil products from Brian Mann, North Country Public Radio. ~~~ Artist Shelly Bunde has created illustrations for each of North Dakota’s 53 counties. Her work is now on exhibit in Bismarck. Bunde, a North Dakota native, now lives in Bozeman. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our “What’s Happening” calendar of events.


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