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“American Fun” with John Beckman ~ NPR: Oil & Ag in Conflict ~ Youth Court

posted on 02/04/2014

  Tuesday, February 4 – John Beckman, an English professor at the US Naval Academy, has written “American Fun, Four Centuries of Joyous Revolt.” It’s a historical account of how cutting loose has always been a part of our cultural history as we navigated periods of conflict. ~~~ Part two of the NPR series on “The Great Plains Oil Rush” looks at the conflicts that arise with agriculture. ~~~ We also visit with Ray Allen of Williston. He’s given up after a lifetime of living and working in the oil patch. He’s heading south. We’ll find out why. ~~~ What’s Youth Court? Ashley Thornberg visits with some volunteers and with Aimee Desherlia, youth court coordinator for Lutheran Social Services.


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