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Little Country Theatre ~ Science Cafe: “Higgs Boson” ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

posted on 02/10/2014

  Monday, February 10 – The Little Country Theatre at NDSU is the subject of a new documentary coming to television on Prairie Public. Joining us with a preview are Bob Dambach, director of television, and Bill Law and Don Larew of NDSU. ~~~ NDSU history professor Tom Isern joins us with this week’s Plains Folk essay, “A Homestead in Emmons County.” ~~~ This month’s Science Café explores a “heavy” topic. Andrei Kryjevski of the Department of Physics will discuss “Why do Things have Mass? Discovery of the Higgs Boson.” ~~~ Ron Smith says it time to start thinking spring and getting those seeds started. He’ll also give us some thoughts on Valentine’s Day plants.

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