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Monty Mertz, Public Defender ~ Land Reclamation ~ “Lake Agassiz”

posted on 02/24/2014

  Monday, February 24 – We resume our conversation with Monty Mertz, the supervising attorney for the Fargo public defender’s office. Last week we discussed over-criminalization and over-incarceration. Today we explore the challenges faced by immigrants who find themselves embroiled in the legal system, including language barriers. Finding translators for these immigrants can be a challenge. Mertz is an alum of the UND school of law. ~~~ Land Reclamation has long been an important topic in North Dakota, and the oil boom has brought new challenges. Here to discuss those challenges and to preview this week’s 2nd Annual Reclamation Conference are organizers Brenda Schladweiler of BK Environmental, and Toby Stroh, assistant professor of agriculture at Dickinson State University. ~~~ In today’s Natural ND essay, Chuck Lura discusses “Lake Agassiz.”

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