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The Challenges Facing Watford City ~ “Bakkenization: 300 Years of Globalizing Frontiers in ND”

posted on 03/03/2014

  Monday, March 3 – Dustin Monke, managing editor of the Dickinson press, has been looking at the challenges facing Watford City and the result was a 3,000 word story appearing in papers across the state on Sunday. He joins us to discuss how Watford compares to other towns in the patch. ~~~ And speaking of the Bakken, Sebastian Braun, associate professor of Indian Studies at UND will present on his work, titled “Bakkenization: 300 Years of Globalizing Frontiers in North Dakota,” this Wednesday at the Empire Arts Center. He joins us with a preview. ~~~ Tom Isern shares an oil-related story in this week’s “Plains Folk” essay, “Dry Hole in North Dakota.”


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