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Terry Shoptaugh on Herman Stern ~ “Rebuilding Together”

posted on 03/04/2014

  Tuesday, March 4 – Businessman and visionary leader Herman Stern has been named the 40th recipient of the North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award, the state’s highest commendation for its citizens. Governor Dalrymple will officially present Stern’s family with the award during an event on March 13. Here to tell us about Stern’s remarkable life is Terry Shoptaugh, author of “You Have Been Kind Enough to Assist Me: Herman Stern and the Jewish Refugee Crisis.” ~~~ Rebuilding Together brings volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need, and the national president is coming to North Dakota this week. Here to tell us about the organization are Tom Newberger, board president; and Russ Richards, executive director.


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