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“The Big Year” with Audubon Dakota

posted on 10/11/2011

  Tuesday, October 11 – In one of the wackiest competitions around, hundreds of obsessed bird watchers participate in an annual contest known as the North American Big Year. It’s now the subject of a new comedy with a star-studded cast, including Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black. The Audubon Society was closely involved with “The Big Year,” and here to talk about the film, the contest and more are national Audubon president David Yarnold and North Dakota outreach coordinator Marshall Johnson and Genevieve Thompson, executive director, Audubon Dakota. We’ll also hear from North Dakota Big Year participants, Ron Martin of Minot and Corey Ellingson of Bismarck. And Florence Miller rounds out our Audubon show with the story of “Together Green.”

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