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“Ghosts of ND” ~ “Horror High” ~ Joshua Voytek, Libertarian Candidate for PSC

posted on 10/23/2012

  Tuesday, October 23 – The “Ghosts of North Dakota” are coming. No, it’s not a Halloween event. “Ghosts of North Dakota” will be a book documenting North Dakota’s pioneer towns, and it’s being launched thanks to a successful “Kickstarter” campaign. Joining us are project partners Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp. ~~~ More in the Halloween spirit is “Horror High,” a play presented by the Shade Tree Players in Bismarck that includes all your favorite horror film icons … in high school! Joining us is Amber Rae Bernhardt, executive director of Dakota Stage, and Sara Simon, student member of the Shade Tree Players. ~~~ Meet Joshua Voytek, Libertarian Party candidate for North Dakota Public Service Commission.

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