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Japanese Internment in North Dakota ~ Square 1, Incubator Kitchen

posted on 04/23/2013

  Tuesday, April 23 – Did you know North Dakota was home to a Japanese internment camp? Joining us with some of that history is Dennis Neumann, public information director at the United Tribes Technical College, the grounds of which were used as part of the government’s WWII Alien Enemy Control Program. We’ll also meet visiting professor Kyoko Norma Nozaki, Department of Intercultural Studies at Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan. Her father was interned at Fort Lincoln. They’ll both be presenting tomorrow at NDSU. ~~~ This week’s New American Stories feature looks at misunderstandings. ~~~ Ashley Thornberg pays a visit to the Square 1 Kitchen, a unique business that combines kitchen rental, event space and classes. ~~~ Speaking of food, Andrea Collin shares a “Vittles in the Vast Lane” essay.

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