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Film Rescue International ~ School Science Fairs ~ On the Road with Ashley ~ Chef Rosie on Wild Rice

posted on 08/22/2013

  Thursday, August 22 – Billing itself as “revealers of lost treasures,” Film Rescue International is an interesting business that processes old film from around the world. Based in Saskatchewan, the company also has a depot in Fortuna, North Dakota to facilitate cross-border shipping. A whopping 80% of their business comes through that depot, with historical images being revealed daily. Joining us is owner Greg Miller. ~~~ A report about how some educators are rethinking School Science Fairs from the Stem Project at PRX. ~~~ Ashley Thornberg is on the road, gathering some stories we’ll hear next week. We check in with her as she’s making her way through the oil patch. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl stops by to discuss wild rice. ~~~ Doug has our What’s Happening calendar of events.

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