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Family Businesses ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Vittles in the Vast Lane ~ Diabetic Halloween

posted on 10/21/2013

  Monday, October 21 – Throughout the Midwest, family firms comprise almost 90% of all business enterprises. Here to discuss the challenges a family business can face are Beth Adamson, director of the Prairie Family Business Association, which serves members in five states; and the keynote speaker for their upcoming conference in Bismarck, family business consultant Douglas Box. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “Balance.” ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith stops by to answer listeners’ lawn and garden questions. ~~~ Have you made it to any fall suppers at the local church this year? That’s the topic of today’s Vittles in the Vast Lane from Andrea Andrea Winkjer Collin of North Dakota Horizons Magazine. ~~~ Diabetic Halloween, a short story on the way diabetics experience Halloween – a lighthearted look at the relationship between diabetics and candy, and the nature of Halloween pre and post-diagnosis. Produced by John Plough for Radio Anyway, a community radio program based in Traverse City, Michigan.


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