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Making ND a Jazz Hotspot ~ “Symphony of the Soil” ~ News Update on Gas Flaring and Elkhorn Ranch

posted on 10/22/2013

  Tuesday, October 22 – Studio 222 in Fargo will be hosting some world-class jazz performers and bringing it to a world audience live via the Internet. Marketing pro Spider Johnk hopes the approach will attract big-name jazz musicians to North Dakota. ~~~ Cormorants is the topic of today’s Natural North Dakota essay from Chuck Lura of Dakota College in Bottineau. ~~~ Earlier this summer, we visited with filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia about her film “Symphony of the Soil.” It’s coming back to North Dakota with screenings scheduled in Bismarck, Grand Forks and Fargo, thanks to a grant from the North Dakota Humanities Council. Here to discuss the issues raised in the film is NDSU Extension nutrition and wellness specialist, Abby Gold. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson stops by to update on a State Industrial Commission meeting held today to discuss gas flaring and a proposed drilling site on the Elkhorn Ranch.

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