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Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness ~ Vittles in the Vast Lane: Marilyn Hagerty” ~ Photographer Bruce Crummy

posted on 10/29/2013

  Tuesday, October 29 – Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness is a new exhibit currently showing at Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Fort Totten. It examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary Native Americans. It’s the brainchild of Dr Donald Lindberg, director of the National Library of Medicine, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. ~~~ Andrea Winkjer Collin of North Dakota Horizons Magazine shares another Vittles in the Vast Lane essay, “Marilyn Hagerty and American Dining.” ~~~ Photographer Bruce Crummy’s new picture book is subtitled “North Dakota’s Changing Landscape.” He tell us about the project and reflect on his many years as a news photographer. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk column, “Terrible Justice.”


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