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“The Jack-o-Lantern Box” ~ Movie Review: “The Counselor” ~ Chef Tim on Olives

posted on 10/31/2013

  Thursday, October 31 – Karen Joan Kohoutek is a mild-mannered librarian by day and the queen of scary at night! Annually, she presents a library program called “Ghost Stories for Grownups.” On this Halloween day, we visit about her love of horror stories and her new book of tales called, “The Jack-o-Lantern Box.” ~~~ Speaking of horror stories, this week’s Natural North Dakota essay from Chuck Lura is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “the Birds.” ~~~ Matt Olien has this week’s movie review, “The Counselor.” ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Square One Kitchens drops by for his weekly chat about food. Today’s topic: olives. ~~~ Ashley and Doug have our “What’s Happening” calendar of events.


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