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Tuesday, March 31 – Brian Hicks has written “Sea of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley.” His story, which reads like an adventure novel, tells the story of the Confederate submarine HL Hunley, twenty years after its discovery in the waters off Charleston. ~~~ NPR’s John Ydstie was recently in Minnesota to host the National Book Awards. He met up with Ashley Thornberg to talk about his career, from growing up in small to North Dakota to covering global economics in D.C., with stops in London and Saudi Arabia along the way. He’ll soon be reporting from the Bakken and has covered his experience on the Class B Wolford Wolves, who made it to the state championships in 1968. ~~~ Yesterday, we heard from Neil LaRubbio in a touching account of losing a job in the oil patch. Today, Inside Energy reporter Emily Guerin explores the issue further as she reports from a recent job fair in Williston.

3943 – Wednesday, April 1 – Faith Wambura Ngunjiri is the director of the Concordia College Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work. She returns to our show to discuss a new book she edited and wrote for: “Women as Global Leaders.” ~~~ Chuck Lura has this week’s Natural North Dakota essay, “Grouse Dancing and Drumming” ~~~ Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith is here with some spring lawn and garden tips. ~~~ Do you love strawberries? That’s chef Tim Rosendahl’s topic on today’s food chat. ~~~ Farmers and ranchers have historically been more likely to be uninsured than many other groups, but how has that changed under the Affordable Care Act? Bryan Thompson reports for Harvest Public Media.

3944 – Thursday, April 2 – With less than a month to go in the current legislative session, news director Dave Thompson stops by with an update. We’ll also look at other news from around the state. ~~~~ Matt Olien is here to review “Red Army.” ~~~ Here to tell us about the Fargo Police Department’s new security camera registration program, and online crime mapping, is officer Jessica Schindeldecker. ~~~ Ashley and Doug have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

Friday, April 3 – Main Street is preempted for “Military Children,” a documentary from Breaking Ground with host Kavitha Cardoza. We’ve all seen the photo: A soldier in fatigues stoops down to hug his child one last time before heading off to a war zone. We may have an idea of what comes next for the soldier. Rarely do we discuss what’s next for the child. Nearly 2 million children have parents currently serving in the military, and that number doubles when you include the children of all veterans since 9/11.

3945 – Monday, April 6 – The North Dakota Heritage Center is hosting a special event on Saturday, April 18th, called “TALK 2015: Human Rights Challenges and Solutions.” Here with a preview is Erik Holland, curator of education for the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

3956 – Tuesday, April 7 – Dickinson State University is presenting a film series on race in America and the civil rights movement. On Thursday, they’ll be screening “The Road to Little Rock,” which explores the 1957 integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, an event involving North Dakota judge Ron Davies. Joining us is Steven Daugherty, assistant professor of political science at DSU. ~~~ We hear more about “The Road to Little Rock” in a clip from our 2013 interviews with Art Philips of Video Arts Studios, Dr. Jeffrey Schatz, superintendent of Fargo Public Schools, Carl Oberholtzer, project coordinator, and Tom Davies, Judge Ron Davies’ son.

3957 – Wednesday, April 8 – The Dakota Digital Film Festival is coming up this Friday at the Belle Mehus Auditorium in Bismarck. Here with a preview are Anita Casey-Reed, a member of the Dakota Digital Film Festival Steering Committee and also a board member of Dakota Media Access, which is sponsoring the Film Festival. Also joining us is Mary Van Sickle, executive director of Dakota Media Access. ~~~ Meet Cat Warren, author of “What the Dog Knows, Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World.” It’s not only the story of the amazing abilities of dogs, it’s also a moving story of transforming a troubled dog into a loving companion and an asset to society.

3958 – Thursday, April 9 – We visit with North Dakota native and best-selling writer Chuck Klosterman, who will be a featured speaker n

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