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Friday, July 1 – It’s summertime, and a long weekend at that. We revisit a couple conversations about great summer activities, like hiking and camping. We start with siblings Richard and Gwen Hoberg recount their journey walking across North Dakota. ~~~ Tom Moberg is the president of the North Country Trail Association. We re-air a conversation from last fall about building a 4,600 mile trail crossing seven states. ~~~ From The Memory Palace podcast, host Nate DiMeo takes us to another summer favorite, fairs. He shares the story of the debut of the Ferris Wheel.

Monday, July 4 – On this Fourth of July, it’s a potpourri of history, science and celebration. We start with noted historian and author David McCullough, who explains the tumult and uncertainty of the year 1776. ~~~ Engineer William Hammack looks at the Declaration of Independence and sees the science underlying the document. ~~~ Producer Jake Warga explores a fireworks competition and introduces us to Civil War re-enactors.

Tuesday, July 5 – This year is the 400th anniversary of the death of our best known storyteller, William Shakespeare. We air an excerpt from “Hold That Thought,” where host Rebecca King explores gender and power in early modern England society and theater and examines the range of roles women take on in Shakespeare’s plays. ~~~ We revisit a Prairie Pulse production from producer Kim Stenehjem called Orphan Trains, about an early attempt at foster care when young orphans from New York City were shipped to farms across the Midwest. ~~~ Author David Treuer is the son of an Ojibwe Indian mother and an Austrian Jewish father who fled the Holocaust. He grew up straddling wildly different cultures, an experience that deeply shapes his work. We revisit that conversation from last February.

Wednesday, July 6 – Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith is here to take your lawn and garden questions.  ~~~ A preview of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

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