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A New Year’s Eve special from the Capitol Steps

posted on 12/30/2010


Friday, December 31 – A New Year’s Eve special from the Capitol Steps. Should old acquaintance be forgot? Of course not…but enough about John McCain! Make your New Year’s resolution to roast 2010 to a crisp with the Capitol Steps annual awards ceremony! Featuring all new categories: “Worst Time to Buy Stock in British Oil Companies,” “Most Absolutely Fabulous Reason to Get Rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” “Best Way to Shellac a Democrat” & “Worst Moment in Arizona History to Have a Dark Tan and No Driver’s License.” Let’s restore our honor AND our sanity and join Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, New York bed bugs, various politicians who might be witches, and many, many more as the Capitol Steps bring you their hour-long year in review.

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