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“Forever Friends” ~ “The Rescuers: Picturing Moral Courage”

posted on 03/18/2013

  Monday, March 18 – Remember Chris Burke, the actor who played “Corky” on “Life Goes On?” He and the DeMasi brothers have produced a DVD for kids called “Forever Friends.” Joseph DeMasi lives in Valley City. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk Column, “Why Should We Care.” ~~~ Stories of brave individuals who risked everything to save would-be victims in atrocity situations – that’s the theme of a new exhibit at UND: “The Rescuers: Picturing Moral Courage.” Here to share some of those stories and to invite you to tonight’s gala opening reception is Gregory Gordon, director of the Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies at UND, and Lilie Schoenack, program manager, and a student at the UND School of Law.


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