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Providing Health Care for Children ~ Blogging for Scholarships ~ New Americans on Dating

posted on 03/26/2013

  Tuesday, March 26 – How’s North Dakota doing when it comes to providing healthcare for children? We find out from Bev Gravdahl, Healthy Steps outreach manager; and Lisa Faul, Caring for Children program manager; and Theresa Grant with Kat Communications. For more information on Healthy Steps, call 877-543-7669 ~~~ Chuck Lura of Dakota College in Bottineau shares his latest Natural North Dakota essay: “Bees” ~~~ The College Planning Center at Bank of North Dakota is recruiting parents and students to blog about college planning and the college experience, earning a $1,000 scholarship in the process. Joining us is the director of the center, Wally Erhardt. ~~~ Our New Americans series continues with a look at cultural contrasts when it comes to dating.

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