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Science Cafe: “Cellular Recycling” ~ Pipeline Debate ~ News Chat

posted on 04/05/2013

  Friday, April 5 – Cellular recycling and how it’s essential for good health is the topic of this month’s Science Café. Here to preview her presentation is Sangita Sinha, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at NDSU. ~~~ In the wake of a recent oil pipeline spill in Arkansas, PBS Newshour yesterday featured a debate on pipelines. Since oil pipelines have been a significant point of discussion here in North Dakota, we thought it appropriate to rebroadcast that discussion, hosted by Judy Woodruff. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson stops by with a look at the week’s headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien remembers Roger Ebert, who passed away this week. ~~~ Here with a preview of what’s ahead in our spring membership drive is Ashley Thornberg.

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