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Louise Erdrich Honored ~ NDSU School of Music ~ Physics Force

posted on 04/24/2013

  Wednesday, April 24 – Highlights from the recent Read ND event, where Louise Erdrich was honored with the Roughrider Award. ~~~ State Board of Education recently designated NDSU as a School of Music, one in 49 such schools in the nation that offer a broad-based academic program including a doctor of musical arts in conducting and performance. Here to tell us about the program and share some upcoming musical highlights is Bill Law, assistant director, Division of Fine Arts. ~~~ “Physics Force” is coming to North Dakota. This group from the University of Minnesota puts on a stage show that’s a blend of slapstick, prop comedy and science. On today’s show we’ll visit with Jack Netland of the Physics Force, Scott Tschaekofske, assistant professor of chemistry at Bismarck State College.

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