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“Where’s Meriden” author Hiram Drache ~ Western Tourism Tips

posted on 06/10/2013

  Monday, June 10 – “Where’s Meriden?” is the title of a new book from area historian Hiram Drache. It’s the story of his home town in Minnesota, capturing themes familiar to anyone from the rural “home towns” across our listening area. ~~~ How is tourism faring in the oil patch? Here to discuss the impact of the many changes and what that means for the traditional tourism trade are Amy Krueger, executive director, Williston Convention & Visitors Bureau; and Terri Thiel, executive director, Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau. ~~~ Today’s “Minot: Rebuilding Dreams” story from Dave Thompson looks at the “Imagine Downtown” project. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk essay, “Northern Territory.”


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