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“Oddly Beautiful” ~ The SNAP Challenge ~ Lunar Habitat at UND ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

posted on 11/04/2013

  Monday, November 4 – “Oddly Beautiful” is a book inspired by a husband’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. It’s a collection of poems by Madelyn Camrud of Grand Forks. It’s one of the featured books as New Rivers Press in Moorhead celebrates its 45th year as a literary press. ~~~ A commentary from health and nutrition consultant Karen Ehrens called “The SNAP Challenge.” ~~~ Three University of North Dakota graduate students are having the research opportunity of a lifetime this week, exploring the surface of the moon without leaving campus. We visit with them from their pressurized inflatable habitat. ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith stops by to answer a new crop of lawn and garden questions.


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