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ND Health Insurance Exhange Update ~ Energy Saving Tips ~ Vittles in the Vast Lane ~ Chef Rosie on Capers

posted on 11/07/2013

  Thursday, November 7 – Last month, we heard about an effort to assist North Dakotans in accessing healthcare insurance under the new federal Health Insurance Exchange. Today we get an update on how that’s going from Neil Scharpe, director of the project. Federal assistance #800-318-2596. ND number: 800-233-1737. ~~~ Here to answer common energy-saving questions are Jason Schaefer and Chris Loveless of 401(e) Energy Services in Grand Forks. ~~~ Andrea Winkjer Collin of North Dakota Horizons Magazine shares another Vittles in the Vast Lane essay. Today’s topic, the Williston Elks Club, “A Landmark Still Elegant.” (Read more about the restaurant and see some pictures in the fall edition of North Dakota Horizons.) ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Square One Kitchens stops by to discuss capers. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our “What’s Happening” calendar of events.

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